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KuppingerCole Names Saviynt IGA and PAM as Market Leaders

Author: Ravi Erukulla

Date: 01/19/2023

In an Intensive Evaluation of the Industry’s Most Reliable and Innovative Products, Saviynt Continues To Lead 

In the face of emerging security breaches, non-compliance threats, and data leaks, Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions are no longer optional. But choosing a vendor in this crowded, rapidly evolving market can be the toughest challenge of all.

To increase the odds of a successful deployment (and cut through the hype), executives turn to KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass Guides for critical and unbiased analysis. And for the fifth year in a row, Saviynt was named a leader in the 2022 KuppingerCole Compass For IGASaviynt CloudPAM also placed among the industry’s top product vendors in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for PAM.

Not surprisingly, this year’s key trends include a major shift toward in-built support for cloud applications. Companies are adopting cloud technologies en masse to improve agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Buyers know that traditional IGA and PAM architectures must be extended to work seamlessly with these cloud and SaaS applications — while still being able to integrate with legacy systems.

As a born-in-the-cloud platform, Saviynt solutions were built for this moment. We’re proud that KuppingerCole once again recognized the scalability of our solutions in dynamic, elastic cloud environments, the strength of our converged security features, and our dedication to simpler deployment and headache-free maintenance. 

Whether you’re in charge of a smaller operation or need to manage a large and dispersed IT environment, there’s no need to dread implementation: Saviynt can take the pain out of legacy integration and delight your users.

Saviynt Identity Governance Administration 

In the 2022 guide, analysts from all over the world once again acknowledged Saviynt’s leadership in the IGA space.  Here are the features noted in the 2022 KuppingerCole Compass For Identity Governance and Administration.

Very Strong List Of “Out of the Box” Provisioning Connectors For Target Systems

Saviynt IGA can connect with almost any application and need — or allow users to create their own — creating a smooth and more reliable integration experience. KuppingerCole highlighted our out-of-the-box integration capability with a wide range of identity repositories.

Among our strengths: a built-in Identity RPA bot that can offer last-mile connectivity to disconnected applications for automated reconciliation, provisioning, and account management. This feature drives a seamless connection between IGA and other company resources, eliminating time-consuming custom development work and ongoing maintenance.

Comprehensive AI And Machine Learning Capabilities For Access Certifications 

Saviynt’s AI and machine learning algorithms can analyze large amounts of data and identify trends at a scale that traditional manual methods can’t match. The net impact is an unburdened IT staff, less human error, and an organization capable of promptly and securely managing a deluge of access requests.

Powerful Features For Identity And Access Intelligence

Saviynt’s IGA platform was also recognized for a comprehensive array of intelligent features, including: 

  • Advanced analytics that provide continuous insights into an organization’s identity landscape, including user access patterns, risk exposure, and compliance posture
  • Risk scoring engine with machine learning that can identify and prioritize high-risk user access patterns
  • Compliance reporting capabilities that include support for a wide range of industry-specific regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA and PCI DSS
  • Automated user provisioning and de-provisioning based on user attributes and business rules that support 24/7 visibility into who has access to what within the organization
Leading Separation of Duty (SOD) And Role Management 

The KuppingerCole report mentioned Saviynt IGA’s built-in hybrid SoD analysis model that can discover entitlements, suggest roles, and allow IT to configure risk appetite for specific employees — keeping everyone safely within their scope of work. 

Advanced Features Supported For Policy And Workflow Management

Saviynt’s automated workflows streamline business processes, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency. The report noted that Saviynt’s reporting dashboard is “well laid out, displaying different aspects of access, activity, and vulnerability risk […] and can be tailored from a simplified view for line managers to more detailed views for analysts and application owners.”

In addition, the report pointed out our comprehensive access request and approval process and zero-code approach for workflow configuration. 

Saviynt Cloud PAM

The emergence of Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Platforms (CIEM) is disrupting the  traditional PAM market. Demand for dynamic cloud access, Least Privilege and Zero Trust-informed architectures is growing. Buyers are increasingly aware that a well-configured and up-to-date PAM platform is an integral part.  

The 2022 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Privileged Access Management stated that “Saviynt Cloud PAM takes PAMaaS to a whole new level and is ready for the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) future.” 


The report noted that our converged Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) platform integrates cloud PAM with built-in IGA features, allowing for continuous discovery of cloud workloads and entitlements, as well as monitoring of services and workloads for misconfigurations. Here are other platform strengths featured in the 2022 Compass guide.

User Experience

A PAM platform can have all the bells and whistles, but without adoption — it’s dead in the water. We’re proud that KuppingerCole recognized our user-friendly, sleek, and fully cloud-compatible PAM design. 

“Saviynt has succeeded in creating a very clean and simple interface,” the report states. “It is a bold move to create a PAM solution that runs only as a service […] Saviynt has clearly thought about how cloud apps affect PAM and worked to accommodate that.”

Unique HR integration capabilities 

Another strength: Saviynt’s ability to automatically discover and secure privileged access to all the applications in the IT ecosystem — whether on-prem or in the cloud — and to facilitate a password-free experience for privileged accounts. This Just-In-Time Access ensures that new employees have the necessary access to systems, while eliminating credential leak for departing employees. 

Strong Role-Based Access, Session Recording and Log Ingestion

The KuppingerCole report also spotlighted our product leadership in the following areas:

  • Role-based and attribute-based access controls (RBAC and ABAC) that helps organizations define and enforce role-based access policies for privileged users, ensuring that they only have access to the systems, applications, and data that they need to perform their job duties.
  • Session recording that logs and monitors privileged user sessions, enabling organizations to identify and address potential security risks and improve user productivity.
  • Log ingestion that collects and analyzes log data from various sources, including applications, servers, and security devices.
Why Saviynt

Being recognized as a leader in the highly-respected KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Guide is a seal of quality for any company. To be recognized for the fifth year in a row in the IGA space demonstrates that our standing is reliably among the best in the industry. 

If your organization is evaluating different Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms, we invite you to see for yourself why Saviynt is highly valued by experts and practitioners in the field. Saviynt’s EIC platformwhich includes Identity GovernanceThird-party, ApplicationData, and Privileged Access Management, can help you save costs, speed deployment, and future-proof your security program.


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