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Why Companies Choose Saviynt Over Sailpoint

Saviynt vs Sailpoint

Enterprises Choose Saviynt.

Here’s why Saviynt rises above SailPoint.

True SaaS Delivered Platform

  • Built in the cloud, for the cloud
  • Cloud native and microservice-based
  • Single platform

  • Couldn’t quite deliver on their cloud platform, so you still need Identity IQ

Clear Identity Governance Leader

  • Ranked a leader in multiple analyst reports
  • Enjoy cloud flexibility, agility, and security with a tenant just for you
  • Costs us more, but we’d rather you be secure

  • SailPoint IdentityNow is not seen as a leading IGA solution by all analysts.

Faster ROI & Time to Value

  • SailPoint IdentityNow is rigid, inextensible, and not as fully-featured as Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud

Converged Solution

  • Transform your security posture with five core IAM capabilities on a cloud-first platform
  • Built on Zero Trust
  • Maintain continuous compliance

  • They’ve acquired new products and will get around to integrating them at some point

Don’t Compromise. Get Saviynt.

A Single Identity Platform

Unify identity, application, and privileged access governance with a single cloud platform that doesn’t require bolt-on products or additional service packages.

Flexible and Fully-Featured​

Embrace a SaaS solution that’s easily configurable out of the box. Saviynt adapts to meet individual business and compliance requirements, and scales with your organization.

Built-in AI & Machine Learning

Leverage built-in machine learning & AI from day one for compliance monitoring, documentation, and remediation of access violations. No additional integrations required.

Faster ROI & Time to Value

Deploy an enterprise-grade identity solution in weeks, not months. Saviynt eliminates complexity, lowers TCO, and helps you achieve ROI faster than the competition.

Saviynt is Better

Access Requests Saviynt SailPoint IdentityNow SailPoint IIQ
Complex request forms
(configure custom forms instead of coding)
Request creation of employee and machine accounts
(no capability to manage non-human identities)
Inline intelligent decisions for end user and approver
(SOD simulation, license policy checks, outlier analysis etc)
(lacks multi-dimensional risk analytics, license mgmt. and no native support for access recommendations)
Bulk or multi-user requests
Identity Lifecycle Saviynt SailPoint IdentityNow SailPoint IIQ
Guest access management
(also includes invitation-based self-registration)
(no support for sponsor-based onboarding workflow and organizations)
Rogue / out-of-band access detection
Automatic succession / ownership management
(supported through a reusable asset and not as a product feature)
Built-in match and merge of identities
(needs additional AI license, lacks seamless integration)
Workflow Saviynt SailPoint IdentityNow SailPoint IIQ
Multi-step approval workflow with dynamic approver evaluation
(pre-defined static approvers, missing dynamic assignment)
Enterprise-grade workflow (serial approvals, escalations, do-not-disturb)
(limited support, needs custom coding)
Access Certification Saviynt SailPoint IdentityNow SailPoint IIQ
Comprehensive owner access review
(no role / entitlement / service account owner review)
Risk / event-based automatic micro-certification
(manual trigger or write custom code)
Inline intelligent decisions for reviewer
(no visibility into SOD violations, less used access, available through separate service)
Policy and Role Management Saviynt SailPoint IdentityNow SailPoint IIQ
Role / rule discovery and management
(requires additional license & service integration)
Entitlements Management Saviynt SailPoint IdentityNow SailPoint IIQ
Create, delete and manage access groups for AD, AAD, UNIX, AWS, SAP, etc.
(limited support for Group Management)
Segregation of Duties and Auditing Saviynt SailPoint IdentityNow SailPoint IIQ
SOD remediation and continuous controls monitoring
(includes mitigation workbench, cross-app support)
(lacks robust SOD support, no extensive controls library, limited 3rd party GRC integration support)
(no continuous controls monitoring, or extensive controls library)
Application Onboarding Saviynt SailPoint IdentityNow SailPoint IIQ
Extensive connectors for identity automation including 80+ apps, custom connectors
(limited support for custom apps, weak task management, no deep integration with ERP / EHR systems)
Automatic discovery and enrollment of unmanaged applications
(no automated application discovery and enrollment)
Last mile automation with built-in RPA BOT
(needs 3rd party RPA system)
(no built-in RPA, limited 3rd party RPA integration)
Service Deployment and Performance Saviynt SailPoint IdentityNow SailPoint IIQ
No on-premise footprint
(needs on-premise footprint virtual appliance for managing hybrid resources)
(built for traditional on-premise deployment model, needs heavy integration)
Always current with unlimited upgrades activated in your instance
Identity for Modern Workplace Saviynt SailPoint IdentityNow SailPoint IIQ
Built for digital transformation and remote workplace
(platform also natively delivers PAM, App GRC, CIEM, IDaaS governance)
(lacks guest / vendor access management, cannot scale elastically, extensive APIs for embedded user experience)
Built for faster time to value
(built from the ground up to deliver identity analytics, crowdsourcing of best identity practices, security, and peer analytics for cloud-scale operations)
(best-practices only approach severely limits enterprise-fit)
Flexible, highly-available and extensible architecture
(architecture can impact processing times and can slow user onboarding and UI)
Configurable vs. customizable
(drag and drop no / low code design)
(requires custom workflows and coding that may need to be reviewed by SP support before implementing)
(remains code heavy requiring significant customization)

Industry Experts Agree. Saviynt is Unique.

Saviynt vs Sailpoint video

See why American Express GBT switched to Saviynt to eliminate IAM complexity

“Saviynt is a very simple platform to own and manage; its sales and product teams were open to resolving our problems, it is cloud-first and cloud-ready from a SaaS perspective. The user experience blows everyone else out of water.”

David Levin | CISO at American Express Global Business Travel

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