Secure Access To Government Information, Apps, & People

Minimize cyber threats and simplify identity governance for employee and third-party workforces, machines, and citizens.

Reduce the Attack Surface

Mitigate the damage from ransomware and privilege escalation attacks and protect sensitive government information assets by converging identity governance with privileged access management.

Regulatory Compliance
Streamline Compliance With Advanced Intelligence

Meet regulatory targets such as FedRAMP, StateRAMP, or Executive Order 14028 with built-in compliance frameworks and streamlined reporting.

Secure Infrastructure
Reduce Third-Party Access Risk

Streamline provisioning of agency employees, contractors, suppliers, and other third-party identities from one converged identity platform.

Automate Access Certifications
Automate Separation of Duties (SoD) Management

Get fine-grained access visibility into your entire application ecosystem to detect and prevent SoD violations by leveraging Application  Access Governance on a cloud-native, converged identity platform.

Questions State and Local Government Identity Teams Often Ask

Is identity and access lifecycle management simple to deploy?

Saviynt’s intelligent EIC platform with a low-code/no code approach supports identity and access lifecycle management for universities. Our platform’s capabilities and configurations meet higher education specific use cases.

Can Saviynt improve third-party access management?

Secure third-party access and configurable provisioning are central to Saviynt’s identity platform – and fundamental to a Zero Trust Identity framework. Our Third-Party Access Governance solution delivers industry leading third-party management throughout the engagement lifecycle. Manage the account from inception, through access management, periodic reviews, and eventual decommissioning.

Can identity intelligence help protect critical infrastructure?

Establish and enforce risk-based access policies over the industrial control systems (ICS). Seamlessly incorporate these identities into a risk-aware certification process.

Will your compliance controls work with my existing applications and platforms?

Saviynt provides pre-built compliance controls for critical applications. Controls align with key compliance mandates (GDPR, NY SHIELD, CCPA, HITRUST, PCI, SOX, NERC/CIP, COBIT, and CIS). The platform cross maps to regulatory initiatives, control frameworks, platforms, and control types.

What cloud risk remediations do you offer?

Saviynt integrates with notification services across multi-cloud ecosystems to evaluate every workload, database, serverless function, or other cloud asset initiation. The platform also scans for misconfigurations and control violations. An extensive library of risk signatures and controls identifies and sends security alerts – and even prevents risky processes from running. Saviynt can monitor privileged user access to crown-jewel systems and prevent data exfiltration commands from executing.

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