Financial Services

Continuous compliance meets cloud simplicity

Secure data, go beyond check-the-box compliance, and safeguard every app & identity with ease – no matter your ecosystem.

Legacy identity tools put your applications, data, and customers at risk.
Safeguard access with identity intelligence and automated monitoring & remediation.

Secure your environment and automate identity management with Saviynt


Accelerate Compliance Maturity

Utilize a pre-built risk control library and Unified Controls Framework to meet FFIEC and other industry regulations via compliance-as-a-service.

Adopt Cloud with Confidence

Manage human & machine identities with just-enough access – and ensure separation of duties to reduce fraud.

Modernize Legacy IGA

Achieve agility: Combine IGA, PAM, and automated compliance in one platform.

Increase Adoption

Smooth onboarding and access request processes to improve adoption and reduce the cost of provisioning access to employees and third-party users.

Automate Identity Management

Automatically provision & de-provision just-in-time access as identities are added, moved, or removed. 


Continuously Monitor Controls

Prove control effectiveness with real-time, continuous risk monitoring and intelligent analytics.

Modernize Identity Infrastructure

Strengthen Identity Governance & Admin, reduce risk, and make faster decisions with AI/ML guided decision making.

Simplify & Automate Compliance

Apply automation to ensure continuous compliance across varied IT environments.

Reduce Unauthorized Access

Manage access to sensitive data and systems with dynamic, behavior-based scoring and controls – fueling Zero Trust initiatives.

Connect to Apps Securely

Easily integrate Saviynt with existing enterprise platforms to improve visibility and reduce risk. Enjoy rapid application discovery and expedited onboarding.

Online Banking Security

Investors Bank

Centralizing control and safeguarding 200+ applications and 2,200+ digital identities

“We would not have had the level of visibility into our authoritative sources without Saviynt.”

Richard Landoli, VP Risk Management & Information Security

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Things banking and insurance identity teams often ask about...

Is identity and access lifecycle management simple to deploy?

Saviynt delivers simplified application onboarding. Using Identity Bot, organizations easily connect disparate apps and automate user access–even without an integration protocol. Quickly onboard applications and ensure smooth-functioning, multi-application data processing and improved access management.

How precise will my access visibility be?

No other platform digs into application security hierarchy complexities like Saviynt. Get an exact view of access and apply least privilege access across your entire application ecosystem.

Will Saviynt mature my compliance program?

Financial institutions can automate access monitoring and remediation activities for continuous compliance.The platform natively integrates with key monitoring solutions, including SIEM, GRC, eGRC, and UEBA tools to help identify high risk users and prevent fraud.

How do you simplify controls management to improve my compliance posture?

Saviynt Exchange supports a robust compliance posture with its control repository and Unified Controls Framework. These cross-map to business-critical regulations, industry standards, platforms, and control types, including SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, and the FFIEC IT Manual.

Do you support risk-based access review and certification campaigns?

Intelligent analytics and peer analysis unlock visibility into your riskiest access levels, enable continuous monitoring, and provide mitigating controls. Create risk-focused workflows to stop the “rubber-stamping” involved in periodic reviews and certification campaigns.

Can you simplify emergency or privileged access management?

Saviynt provides time-bound, elevated access during IT emergencies (with over-the-shoulder monitoring and instant revocation available as needed.) Automated life-cycle management of emergency access–via continuous review– reduces credential misuse. Saviynt then reviews usage to ensure only authorized activities were performed.

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