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Manage diverse user population access to provide better service and privacy

Secure Sensitive Data for "Best in Class" Higher Education Digital Transformation

Higher education institutions adopt digital transformation so students, faculty, and staff can effectively communicate, but internally designed tools lack the ability to secure the user lifecycle, increase technical debt, and create cumbersome user experiences.

Saviynt’s platform creates a frictionless end-user experience for managing user access with a scalable IGA solution that manages on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-based applications and complex user relationships.  

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Leverage Multiple Authoritative Sources of Identity

Saviynt connects to a broad array of education software, HR, SaaS, and other applications to rationalize and unify identity from multiple authoritative sources. When the status of an identity changes, Saviynt provides full visibility into these changes, mitigating duplicate accounts, excess access, or orphaned account risk.

Manage Complex Roles

Saviynt’s platform enables managment of and governance over the multiple concurrent roles and dynamic users found in higher education populations. Establish role-based access using oour fine-grained entitlements even when your population has complexity and overlap, such as students who are also employees or alumni who are also volunteers.

Reduce IT Workload Securely

Saviynt’s predictive analytics help ensure security while reducing workloads for higher education IT departments. Saviynt’s intelligent access request capability surfaces high-risk requests impacting compliance or security so IT staff can prioritize time, focus on critical tasks, and decrease response times.

Achieve High Use Rates

Saviynt’s platform provides an intuitive user interface focused on for a frictionless end-user experience. Saviynt’s access request process provides requestors with real-time risk visibility and the likelihood that the request will be approved, and approvers with insight into access risk of fulfillment.

Continuously Document Monitoring and Remediation

Saviynt’s Control Exchange provides an out-of-the-box control repository and a Unified Controls Framework cross-mapped across business-critical regulations, industry standards, platforms, and control types. Our platform’s risk-aware certifications enables exception documentation for continuous assurance.

How Saviynt Solves Challenges In the Higher Education Vertical

Identity & Access Lifecycle Management

Saviynt integrates directly with common federation platforms to seamlessly tie into your multi-cloud environment.  Accounts are directly linked back to identities and are automatically provisioned and de-provisioned as identities are added, moved, or removed to ensure credentials are not orphaned. When users leave the organization, Saviynt’s platform automatically removes/disables accounts in the federated platform and cloud solutions, ensuring organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Automated Real-Time Provisioning

Saviynt’s access provisioning is intelligently managed by out-of-the-box and custom policies and controls.  Self request provisioning empowers users by automatically granting low-risk access while escalating high-risk requests for additional review by data owners, using peer- and access-based analytics.

Continuous Controls Monitoring

Saviynt’s intelligence-based platform integrates with enterprise SIEMs to provide holistic access visibility. Saviynt’s platform continuously monitors access privileges for control violations, such as those granted as part of emergency elevation or through a backdoor. When the platform detects potential violations, it sends alerts and suggests remediation actions, such as exception documentation, setting time limits, or rejections.

Control Exchange

Saviynt’s Control Exchange provides out-of-the-box compliance controls for business-critical applications.  By aligning controls with compliance mandates such as HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, PCI, NERC/CIP, COBIT, and CIS, Saviynt’s platform accelerates the implementation of new controls to meet organizational business objectives and needs. Saviynt’s Control Exchange enables cross-mapping between regulatory initiatives, control frameworks, platforms, and control types as well as how Saviynt’s solution monitors and remediates risks. The Control Exchange eases compliance by providing controls that organizations can implement across the multiple platforms Saviynt currently supports.

Real-time Cloud Risk Remediation

Saviynt integrates with notification services across multi-cloud ecosystems to evaluate every workload, database, serverless function, or other cloud asset initiation. Saviynt scans for misconfigurations, such as open clear-text ports on a database, and organizational control violations, like spinning up a database in development with production data.  Saviynt’s extensive library of risk signatures and controls enables the platform to identify and send security alerts or even prevent risky assets from running.

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