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Privilege Access Management Solution Comparison

The Saviynt Identity Cloud PAM powers and protects the world’s largest and most complex organizations


The world's leading enterprises choose Saviynt

Saviynt identity-driven PAM controls, monitors, and securely enable privileged user access


The traditional approach to PAM was rooted in infrastructure and credential vaulting. This outdated approach does not scale, requires too much care and feeding, and leaves organizations with too many blindspots. 

Saviynt privileged access management is built to protect your business in the cloud. Our converged identity platform manages all identities and entitlements more efficiently, improves visibility, and leverages intelligence and analytics so you can make better access decisions. 

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Don’t compromise. Get Saviynt.

Comparison of Traditional PAM vs. Saviynt Privilege Access Management


Traditional PAM

Traditional PAM products focus on vaulting, admin credential rotation and secrets management for traditional on premises infrastructure These solutions don’t easily keep up with the velocity of dynamic cloud workloads.


CIEM Tools

CIEM tools manage what an identity can access in cloud environments, but they don’t solve the governance problem and only offer limited privileged access management within applications. Plus adding tools means adding complexity and operational burdens.


Saviynt Identity-Driven PAM

Saviynt’s Identity Cloud enables you to see and control all identities. With a converged identity platform, you can leverage IGA roles tov access servers, clouds or applications to perform tasks with the least possible privilege. Address the vast majority of today’s modern PAM decrease your reliance on multiple point tools.

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