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Secure Access To Your Critical Infrastructure, Apps, & People

The world’s largest energy companies trust Saviynt to modernize identity programs, and simplify access & compliance


Unleash Productivity with Identity Intelligence
& Access Automation

Multi-cloud Environment
Govern Complex IT Ecosystems

Native integrations across your technology stack quickly secure on-premises, hybrid, cloud, or multi-cloud environments. Use smart policies, identity workflow automation, and pre-built integrations across a range of enterprise applications.

Secure Industrial IoT & OT

Establish and enforce risk-based access policies over the entire industrial identity environment. Seamlessly incorporate these identities into a risk-aware certification process.

Regulatory Compliance
Improve Assurance & Meet Compliance Mandates

Accelerate compliance with a Unified Controls Framework cross-mapped to industry regulations, standards, platforms, and control types.

Solve Third-Party Access Risk

Control third-party access access with integrated invitation based onboarding, risk-based policies, granular access to enterprise applications, and delegation capabilities. 

See how other energy & resource companies improve agility & securely move to the cloud with Saviynt

First Solar

Digital transformation with modern identity lifecycle management

“Saviynt delivered modernized technology solutions to work seamlessly between security, audit, and compliance programs, reducing cost and sprawl of toolsets.”

  • 11,000+ total identities
  • 7,500 employee identities
  • 70+ global locations
  • 25 critical apps in scope
  • 67% reduction in birthright provisioning time

Solving Identity in the Cloud

Learn how BP modernized IAM and accelerated its business transformation in just three months with Saviynt.

Securing Compliant Access

Learn how Origin overhauled legacy Identity and Access Management and secured critical enterprise and IT assets.

Questions Energy & Utilities
Identity Teams Often Ask

Is identity lifecycle management simple to deploy?

Saviynt delivers simplified application onboarding. Using Identity Bot, enterprises can easily connect disparate apps and automate user access–even without an integration protocol. Quickly onboard applications and ensure smooth-functioning, multi-application data processing and improved access management.

Can identity intelligence stop data breaches connected to industrial control systems and networks?

Saviynt Advanced Identity Analytics can identify suspicious activity that may lead to a breach. The platform alerts security teams or can take preventive actions to stop malicious activity and prevent insecure access and data sharing.

Does real-time provisioning actually work?

Access provisioning is intelligently managed by provided and custom controls. Access automation empowers users by granting low-risk access while escalating high-risk requests for additional review.

Can Saviynt improve third-party access management?

Secure third-party access and configurable provisioning are central to Saviynt’s identity platform – and fundamental to a Zero Trust Identity framework. Our Access Governance solution delivers industry leading third-party management throughout the engagement lifecycle. Manage the account from inception, through access management, periodic reviews, and eventual decommissioning.

Will your compliance controls work with my existing applications and platforms?

Saviynt provides compliance controls for business-critical applications. Controls align with key compliance mandates (HITRUST, PCI, SOX, NERC/CIP, COBIT, and CIS). The Saviynt platform cross-maps to regulatory initiatives, control frameworks, platforms, and control types.

How does Saviynt help reduce cloud access risks?

With Saviynt, enterprises can deliver more efficient Identity Management through a unified platform. With deep integration across cloud providers, rely on a single solution to manage access across cloud and enterprise applications. Gain complete visibility and control with identity context, risk insights, and a powerful identity warehouse.

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