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Defend Critical Energy Infrastructure From Cyber Threats

The world’s largest energy companies trust Saviynt to secure access to their critical infrastructure, apps, & people.


Elevating identity for energy authorities


Power Productivity Everywhere.

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Quickly secure on-premises, hybrid, cloud, or multi-cloud environments with native integrations across your technology stack. 

Use smart policies, identity workflow automation, and pre-built integrations across a range of enterprise applications. 

Establish and enforce risk-based access policies over the entire industrial identity environment. Seamlessly incorporate these identities into a risk-aware certification process.

Accelerate compliance with a Unified Controls Framework cross-mapped to industry regulations, standards, platforms, and control types.

Control third-party access with integrated invitation-based onboarding, risk-based policies, granular access to enterprise applications, and delegation capabilities.

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world’s leading energy & resource companies

Accelerating Digital and Cloud Transformation for BP

"We chose Saviynt as the leading cloud-native identity security solution. It was the logical choice given the scale and complexity of our global digital transformation ambitions."

Dafydd Hughes

IT&S Portfolio Director, Identity & Access Management, BP

Digital Transformation with Modern Identity Lifecycle Management

Saviynt delivered modernized technology solutions to work seamlessly between security, audit, and compliance programs, reducing cost and sprawl of toolsets.

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Identity solutions for every use case

Modernizing legacy solutions

Multi-cloud governance

Workforce identity management

Machine identities

Continuous compliance

Zero Trust identity

M&A and divestitures

Remove the barriers slowing down your business transformation.

Lower costs, reduce enterprise risk, and increase productivity with the industry’s #1 converged identity platform. Eliminate technical debt, visibility gaps, and manual processes with a flexible SaaS solution built with powerful AI/ML capabilities that centralizes identity governance with strong and complete identity lifecycle management.

Secure your multi-cloud workloads and accelerate cloud adoption.

Aggregate data across multiple management consoles for more granular visibility. Intelligently manage identity processes, including provisioning via easily configurable policies and controls. Take control of every identity across your multi-cloud environment with the #1 converged identity platform.

Empower your people from day one, wherever and whenever they work.

Make it easy for employees, contractors, and partners to access the applications, systems, and data they need with the #1 converged identity platform built to protect everywhere people work.

Take control of machine identity management complexity and risk.

Apply Zero Trust principles to govern machine identities and move beyond basic controls for an identity-centric security approach. Gain a single view of all machine identities, including cryptographic keys, x509 certificates and other credentials from IoT devices, virtual machines, containers and bots to properly govern machine identity lifecycles.

Stay on top of audit and compliance requirements.

Maintain and sustain compliance with an identity security platform that centralizes management and reporting for relevant regulations and industry standards. Ensure complete audit trails, provide cross-application separation of duty (SoD) administration, and gain advanced, risk-based intelligence for fine-grained entitlement management across your entire application ecosystem.

Secure your identity perimeter with unparalleled visibility and control.

Make Zero Trust the foundation of your security by leveraging granular identity intelligence to enforce least privilege and right-time, right-level access. Maintain agility and administer access across multiple platforms, vendors, and deployment models and prevent breaches with real-time anomaly data.

Maximize the success of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures from day one.

Simplify identity security in rapidly changing business environments with a holistic view of identity access and activity with an authoritative identity warehouse that accelerates access rights planning, eliminates duplicate identities, and contains overprovisioning.

Things energy & utilities identity teams often ask about…

Is identity lifecycle management simple to deploy?

Can identity intelligence stop data breaches connected to industrial control systems and networks?

Does real-time provisioning actually work?

Access provisioning is intelligently managed by provided and custom controls. Access automation empowers users by granting low-risk access while escalating high-risk requests for additional review.

Can Saviynt improve third-party access management?

Will your compliance controls work with my existing applications & platforms?

How does Saviynt help reduce cloud access risks?

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