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Agile Identity Management for the World’s Most Connected Ecosystems.

Minimize supply chain threats, and simplify access governance for suppliers, machines, and workforces.

Kraft Heinz
Multi-cloud Environment
Govern Hybrid Multi-cloud Environments

Secure on-premises, hybrid, & multi-cloud environments with native technology integrations. Use smart policies and identity workflow automation across your critical enterprise applications.

Secure Infrastructure
Secure IoT & OT Infrastructure

Enforce risk-based access policies across your entire network and identity environment, while securing privileged access. Seamlessly incorporate human & machine identities into a risk-aware certification process.

Regulatory Compliance
Prove Regulatory Compliance

Accelerate compliance initiatives with a Unified Controls Framework cross-mapped to industry regulations, standards, platforms, and control types – including SOX, GDPR, ITAR, and DFARS

Fast-track Report Generation

Control third-party access for suppliers, partners, and vendors with integrated invitation-based onboarding, risk-based policies, granular application access, and delegation capabilities.

Questions Manufacturing
Identity Teams Often Ask

What ways does Saviynt support management of my globally distributed workforce?

Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud protects ‘work from anywhere’ workforces with comprehensive identity management capabilities, and the option to progressively expand the platform as business requirements evolve. Secure access to human and machine identities, applications, and infrastructure with session recording, key logging, cloud-native logs, and customizable controls across multi-cloud environments.

How can I get a constantly shifting identity landscape under control?

Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud periodically scans for new identities, workloads, and applications Continuously monitor access privileges for control violations, and in the event of an incident, receive alerts and automated remediation suggestions. Easily onboard third-party identities and establish your authoritative source of identity for non-employees.

Will your compliance controls work with my existing applications & platforms?

Saviynt offers compliance controls and deep integrations for business-critical applications including SAP, Workday, Oracle, Microsoft 365, and others. These align with key compliance mandates including SOX, GDPR, ITAR, and DFARS – and are cross-mapped to regulations, industry standards, platforms, and control types.

Can Saviynt improve third-party access management?

Secure third-party access is central to Saviynt’s identity platform. Our Third Party Access Governance solution delivers industry leading third-party access management to onboard, provision, monitor, audit, and remove time-bound relationships with ease. throughout the engagement lifecycle. Reduce time and costs with delegation, while automating low-risk requests and escalating higher-risk requests for additional review.

How does Saviynt help reduce cloud access risks?

With Saviynt, enterprises can deliver more efficient Identity Management through a unified platform. With deep integration across cloud providers, rely on a single solution to manage access across cloud and enterprise applications. Gain complete visibility and control with identity context, risk insights, and a powerful identity warehouse.

What are other ways Saviynt helps establish our Zero Trust architecture?

With a cloud-native solution, manufacturers can control access, and enforce least privilege, with just-in-time privilege elevation and time-bound access to minimize overall risk – even in diverse computing environments. Saviynt enables easy visualization, management, and administration of identity governance (while automating compliance) without compromising end-user experiences.

Grant the right access to the right identities at the right time.

Embrace joiner, mover, leaver automation, unprecedented visibility, and enhanced user experiences with Enterprise Identity Cloud.


Western Digital’s Kum Chai Shin, Director, Information Security, knew the data storage and solutions giant needed a comprehensive identity management platform to handle their frequent mergers and acquisitions efficiently.

Learn how Kraft Heinz Company advanced its identity and access governance program– delivering an intelligent security and compliance perimeter across over 70,000 users, 45 applications, and 100 connected systems.

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