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Securing all of the public sector


Adopt Cloud with Confidence

Manage human and machine identities with time-limited and just-enough access

Apply principles of least privilege

Control and automate access to restrict ransomware and achieve Zero Trust targets

Modernize legacy IGA/ICAM

Combine IGA, Application Risk & Governance and continuous compliance in one platform


Improve resilience with Intelligence

Reduce risk profile and make faster decisions with built-in AI/ML decision making

Advance Zero Trust framework

Address the new security perimeter with dynamic access management

Reduce Unauthorized Access

Manage access to sensitive data and systems with dynamic, behavior-based scoring and controls


Secure users and protect data

Enable preventative controls and automatically remediate violations

Enforce Zero Standing Privileges

Limit access and eliminate implicit trust, while supporting emergency access

Perform deep security analysis

Apply fine-grained entitlements to understand the extent of access

System Integrators

Enforce CMMC Access Control

Regulate systems and data access with modern identity management

Offer cloud-native identity SaaS

Create compelling identity and governance solutions–built in and for the cloud

Partner for customer success

Scale delivery and offerings, benefit from Saviynt GTM support and enablement

Take advantage of flexible
partnership options.

Reduce acquisition lead time and associated costs.



Mar 31, 2021 – Mar 30, 2026

GSA Schedule 70


Dec 20, 2011 – Dec 19, 2021



May 01, 2015 – Apr 30, 2025



Aug 31, 2020 – Aug 30, 2025

Easily configurable
out-of-the-box integrations

Things government identity teams often ask about...

Is identity and access lifecycle management simple to deploy?

Saviynt integrates directly with common federation platforms and seamlessly ties into varied environments. This ensures security of cloud migrations and enables principles of least privilege. Accounts link back to identities and are automatically provisioned and de-provisioned as identities are added, moved, or removed.

How does Saviynt support DevOps and CI/CD processes?

An API integration lets developers call the Saviynt vault to request access and check out a key at the time of code execution. This results in less key exfiltration and compromise, and supports least privilege for the software supply chain.

What data risk capabilities can I expect?

Saviynt utilizes pattern matching and NLP to classify data (PII, PCI, PHI or Intellectual Property). Use analytics to detect risky activity based on a variety of scoring parameters (including the ability to govern based on data attributes). Enterprises may also perform signature-less analysis for a better security response.

How robust is your risk-control library?

Saviynt includes security controls and risk signatures supporting cybersecurity frameworks like NIST and CIS. The platform features Control Center, Saviynt’s persona-driven analytics hub, which analyzes trends, offers a history of control violations, and generates automatic alerts for owners.

Do you support risk-based access review and certification campaigns?

Intelligent analytics and peer group analysis unlock visibility into your riskiest access levels, enable continuous monitoring, and provide mitigating controls. Create risk-focused workflows to stop the “rubber-stamping” involved in periodic reviews and certification campaigns. Approvers see only “high risk” requests, easing compliance burdens.

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