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Enterprises love the simplicity and control of Saviynt’s converged identity experience


One Converged Platform. Complete Identity Control.

Power and protect your organization like never before with a single IAM platform for your complete identity journey in the cloud.


Control, monitor and securely enable privileged user access.



Enforce app-centric policies and controls for security and compliance of critical applications.



Collaborate externally to jointly manage external, non-employee identities and their access.



Validate, adjust and certify access for trust, compliance and security.


Lifecycle and Administration

Streamline identity lifecycle with intelligent, automated access provisioning and deprovisioning.

Turn on incredible business value

 from day one

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Simple to use.
Fast to deploy.

Onboard applications once, easily create reports, manage access policies and configure workflows through a single, simplified experience.

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Detect earlier.
Respond smarter.

Identify compromised identities and abnormal access patterns with intelligence that transforms your security speed and effectiveness.

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Lower cost.
Transform ROI.

Eliminate the cost of legacy and point solutions, manual provisioning and access certification with intelligent automation that delivers value from day one.

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See Everything.
Control Everything.

Govern and secure workforce, external, and machine identities across your ecosystem through a single pane of glass that puts you in complete control of risk.


Saviynt IGA is the clear customers’ choice

Read the Gartner Peer Insights 2023 Report

Accelerating Digital and Cloud Transformation for BP

"We chose Saviynt as the leading cloud-native identity security solution. It was the logical choice given the scale and complexity of our global digital transformation ambitions."

Dafydd Hughes

IT&S Portfolio Director for Identity & Access Management

Redefine What’s Possible With a
Converged Identity Platform


Onboard Once and Enable Anytime

Reduce Onboarding Time by up to 90%

  • Centralized application management improves your security posture and shrinks the attack surface with cross-application governance
  • Turn on additional capabilities including IGA, GRC, PAM, and Service Account Management at any time - no additional onboarding required
  • Discover applications in your ecosystem with ITSM, CASB, and other integrations
  • Accelerate implementation by up to 70% with hundreds of pre-built integrations

Leverage Rich Data for Actionable Insights

With the Industry’s Only Intelligent – 
 and Most Versatile – Identity Warehouse

  • House every identity, human or machine, and understand complex relationships in a single repository
  • Gain unmatched, fine-grained visibility of all identities, access, and usage 
  • Drive automation with intelligent recommendations that lower costs and fast track decisions

Reduce Risk With Better Insights

Advanced Analytics Deliver Cross-Platform Identity Intelligence

  • Gain real-time identity risk profiles with additional data from other security platforms
  • Enable cross-mapping between regulatory initiatives, control frameworks, and control types
  • Automate alerts and get remediation suggestions
  • Centralized Control Center enables trend analysis and control violation history

Adopt a Modern Enterprise Architecture

A Flexible Enterprise IAM Cloud Platform Built for Security and Scale

  • Balance security and availability goals with a right tenancy, containerization, and auto scaling architecture
  • Data residency support across 25+ regions globally
  • Continuous, seamless capability updates without regression worries or additional upgrade costs
  • Enhanced data security and control with Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and Bring Your Own Vault (BYOV)
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Deliver an Omni-Channel Experience

Frictionless Experiences, Anytime and Anywhere

  • Improve self-service capabilities by leveraging your existing collaboration platforms, ITSM tools, and mobile devices to streamline identity workflows 
  • Manage all workflows and application access through ServiceNow 
  • Submit and approve access in real time via collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack
  • API-first approach enables headless experience for identity services
Recognized Identity Leader

Best-in-Class Converged Identity & Access Governance Solutions


A Converged Identity Platform You Can Trust


SOC 1 Type II Audit Report


ISO 27001:2013


SOC 2 Type II Audit Report


ISO 27017:2015


FedRAMP Moderate


PCI DSS Certified


IRAP Protected

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Identity Governance and Administration: FAQs

What is identity governance & administration?

What are the primary functions of an identity governance and administration solution?

What are the benefits of an IGA solution?

The main benefit you’ll get from an IGA platform is security. An effective platform can help reduce data breaches and accidental leaks by limiting data access based on job specific activities. Furthermore, even when breaches occur, an IGA platform can minimize the damage by limiting the information an attacker can access.

Another benefit is compliance with relevant government and industry regulations. For instance, an IGA solution in Europe is vital for complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Not only can this help make your data safe, but it also saves you from paying hefty fines and enduring public scrutiny.

An automated IGA approach also improves your organization’s efficiency. Many manual tasks, like providing access privileges, can be taken off your staff’s plate, giving employees more time to work on more productive tasks.

Modern, cloud-based IGA solutions also provide cost savings through the use of machine learning. In addition to management savings through the use of automation, you don’t need to hire costly professional services to customize or help maintain your program while also reducing the chance of facing heavy fines for non-compliance.

Do all businesses need IGA security?

Can an identity governance and administration solution work with other security solutions?

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