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World-leading Manufacturer Achieves Innovation and
Efficiency in the Cloud

Saviynt IGA Outperforms Leading Vendors on Integration, No-Code Configurability, and User Experience


Tasks/mo automated


Active users


Onboarded in 3 mos

The Opportunity

Seeking a platform that’s ready for the future

With billions in annual sales, hundreds of active patents, and products available in almost 150 countries, a leading innovator in the manufacturing industry wanted to achieve greater efficiency and scalability by modernizing its identity ecosystem. Its access request, approval, and fulfillment processes were all performed manually, requiring administrators to keep time-consuming records on lengthy spreadsheets.

The company’s technical team set an ambitious objective: to implement a cloud-native enterprise identity governance and administration (EIGA) solution that could automate access provisioning, simplify the audit process, and better support compliance.

The Solution

Risk-aware access decisioning safeguards the business

The company chose Saviynt IGA because it was able to meet its extensive integration capabilities and no-code configurability. It was able to automate and standardize multiple workflows within its identity lifecycle at the same time as they were transitioning its human capital management (HCM) systems to Workday. This made it possible to rely on Workday as a single source of truth for all new hires while continuing to provision resources for rehires, role-changers, contractor conversions, and groups—along with service accounts—through Active Directory.

Not only does Saviynt’s risk-aware automated access speed up these processes, it also allows for closed-loop remediation and effective controls monitoring. Admins can see at a glance which users and groups have access to which resources, and they’re always ready for the next audit.

Saviynt IGA’s ability to integrate with its extensive array of applications—including SAP HR, Salesforce, and custom software—its technical teams and end users have a vastly improved experience with near-immediate access to the tools they need to get their jobs done. With departing workers’ access terminated immediately, the enterprise’s security posture is stronger.


Lean on strategic partnerships to keep it simple

Working with the right partner can speed deployment, resolve issues quickly, and ensure


Be flexible

Even with configurable, out-of-the-box integrations, it can be easier to update employees’ workflows rather than customize the UI to match their old ways
of doing things.


Invest in user education

Customizing user interfaces (UIs) can be costly and time-consuming – and can make future platform upgrades more complicated.

Educating end users minimizes the need for additional customization. Save time and money by keeping integration endpoints simple and—in some cases—even eliminate it.

The Results

Automation: the foundation of more effective operations

Saviynt IGA enhanced operational efficiencies and audit readiness across the company, securing 15K active users, 69,000 entitlements, and onboarding 5 mission-critical apps in 3 months.

Not only have access fulfillment processes been standardized across the joiner-mover-leaver (JML) lifecycle, but the company has also implemented robust reporting and analytics and continuous controls monitoring that give stakeholders a clear line of sight into its identity and access ecosystem. It plans to continue expanding its Saviynt IGA implementation in the future, connecting more apps and enforcing comprehensive and fine-grained separation of duties (SoD) controls across its entire workforce.

"We needed a scalable platform that matched our ambitious plans for future growth. The more we could leverage automation and self-service provisioning capabilities, the more our technical teams could accomplish—in less time, and with less effort. This is a must-have in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive industry like ours."

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