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American Retail Giant Replaces OIM With #1 Identity Cloud Platform

How Saviynt’s fully-featured platform eclipsed the competition with greater efficiency and streamlined compliance

Apps integrated


Identities secured


JML tasks automated in first 3 months

The Opportunity

Modernizing Identity Governance To Reduce Costs And Risks

As one of the nation’s largest off-price retail chains, with over 18 billion in annual recurring revenues, our customer faced a familiar challenge: stay competitive while offering attractive savings. At the same time, the well-established retailer was looking to the future: it needed to modernize its core identity platform and get out from under its expensive, cumbersome legacy on-prem system. It had a high bar to clear for risk management and compliance, and needed a solution that could keep pace with fast-changing regulatory requirements. 

The Solution

Converged Cloud Solution Outperforms Competitors Across All Use Cases

The retailer’s technical team joined forces with Accenture to find an identity partner whose vision matched the retailer’s own—a cloud identity platform that could cover multiple use cases across a complex hybrid environment, including corporate offices, stores, and multiple third-party vendors and contractors.

With an inherently complex identity ecosystem spanning over 34,000 user identities—including external contractors—the retailer needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate multiple applications including Active Directory (AD), PeopleSoft, and Microsoft Exchange across a wide network of stores.

While they evaluated several options, Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud was far more comprehensive, well-supported, and feature-rich. As the market’s #1 identity converged cloud platform, Saviynt’s comprehensive solution set delivered the full suite of capabilities this retailer needed, including both Identity governance administration  (IGA) and Third-Party Access Governance.

The Results

Leveraging automation to expand efficiencies

In just the first three months with Saviynt IGA, the retailer was able to seamlessly integrate 70 applications and automatically process access control changes across 4150 users. To date, over 380,000 joiner-mover-leaver (JML) tasks have been automated for employees, contractors, and vendors, eliminating the near-constant updates required by their former identity infrastructure.

Not only were the cost savings significant, but the retailer completed 143 certifications—with 2 more in progress. They’re better prepared for compliance audits, and are able to increasingly streamline access management for those applications.

The end result: simplicity, cost efficiency, and reduced cyber risk—mission-critical achievements for this consumer-facing company.

The Lessons Learned

During phase one, EIC enabled the retail company to:


Rethink how your identity ecosystem is organized.

Modernizing identity isn’t just about replacing legacy systems with lots of different point solutions. With a converged platform, you can meet the needs of multiple different user populations with one solution—and reap the rewards when it comes to costs, labor, and effort.


Eliminating manual processes doesn’t just save money.

By automating provisioning and de-provisioning processes across the JML lifecycle, you’re freeing up your IT teams to focus on more important tasks, reducing human error, and protecting your reputation from third-party access risks.


Partner expertise can help.

Collaborating with an expert services partner helped this leading retailer stay on top of an aggressive implementation timeline, all while adhering to best practices and ensuring a successful outcome.

"Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) was proving to be extremely costly, and the business wasn’t getting the coverage or capabilities that it required. After struggling to maintain OIM for 15 years, it was time for a new approach to identity governance and administration."

Steve Poulson

VP, Field Sales at Saviynt

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