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Syneos Health Futureproofs Identity Governance for Flexibility and Rapid Growth

Since implementing Saviynt IGA, Syneos Health has experienced a dramatic increase in user lifecycle management efficiency.





Entitlements secured

Applications integrated

The Opportunity

Offering fully integrated end-to-end clinical and commercial solutions to biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate the delivery of life-enhancing therapeutics 
to patients, Syneos Health is currently among the healthcare industry’s leading innovators.  

As it prepared for the future of biopharmaceutical research, Syneos Health needed to embed increasing numbers of applications into its clinical and operational workflows. The company’s outdated identity management system wasn’t up to the task: it wasn’t scalable, was difficult to manage, and couldn’t easily be integrated with key business applications.

Instead, Syneos needed an identity governance and administration (IGA) solution that could effortlessly expand along with the business and its user base, all while streamlining identity and access management within a single, centralized platform.

The Solution

An Intelligent Platform That Centralizes, Secures, and Elevates User XP

Syneos Health’s journey towards modern cloud-native identity governance began with implementing Saviynt IGA. The platform’s native integrations with many of the company’s core business applications—including finance and human resource management systems—eliminated the need to build custom connectors. Technical leaders also valued Saviynt’s low-code/no-code approach to configurability, which makes it possible to adapt the platform to meet business requirements as soon as they arise.

Saviynt IGA has given identity and security teams at Syneos a single source of truth, making it easy to synchronize key attributes and permissions across multiple identity stores, including Active Directory. With centralized visibility, they’ve removed standing privileges, eliminated duplicate accounts and unused permissions, and accelerated their progress towards Zero Trust adoption.

Syneos has also been able to automate multiple governance workflows across its identity ecosystem, reducing administrative overhead by removing manual steps from certification campaigns. The platform’s intelligent access request and entitlement review capabilities make for seamless user lifecycle management, keeping employees happy and productive.

The Solution

Revolutionizing Operational Efficiencies

Since implementing Saviynt IGA, Syneos Health has experienced a dramatic increase in user lifecycle management efficiency. Not only is it quicker and easier to onboard and offboard employees, but change requests can be accomplished in 75% less time, thanks to Saviynt’s low-code/no-code workflows. The organization has been able to replace PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS, secure 240,000 entitlements and intergrate 39 applications. Ultimately, it has eliminated standing privileges for more than 30,000 users, while building out a quick and effective automated process for fulfilling access requests when needs arise. This efficiency is a win at every level of the organization.

Lessons Learned


The road to the cloud is paved with documentation. Before selecting a product, know the exact steps taken during employee onboarding and offboarding, and what data formats dependent systems require. This
helps inform the integrations and connectors that you need.


Make a three-month, one-year, and five-year plan. The longest-term plan should highlight the bigger picture, the one-year
plan focuses on what’s attainable within a 
 single budgeting cycle, and the three-month plan tracks in-flight tasks to ensure you can achieve your goals.


With a single source of truth, all the pieces of the identity puzzle fall into place. 
Moving IGA to the cloud will automatically reduce the number of systems you have to manage, making it easier to centrally manage auditing and reporting, and simpler to eliminate access risks.


The best IAM and IGA implementations cause the least friction for users.
A new technology will be adopted much more quickly if people enjoy working with it. Things like passwordless and biometric authentication make people’s lives easier while also safeguarding information assets.

"None of us expected the level of visibility that Saviynt provided. It lifted the curtain. We’ve been able to collapse entire on-prem domains based on usage modeling of accounts and entitlements within those directories.”

Mike. Rivett

Principal Solutions Architect at Syneos Health

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