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Under the Microscope: Zero Trust Solutions

Author: Greg Liewer

Date: 05/29/2024

The Identity Cloud from Saviynt is powering and protecting world-leading organizations. Our cloud-native platform offers one easy and quick solution for identity security. Its converged capabilities provide an intelligent identity warehouse supporting all identity types across multi-cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. 

Embedded into The Identity Cloud are features and functionality that help you adopt a Zero Trust identity program. Zero Trust access management enables you to secure your identity perimeter with unparalleled visibility and control. It lays the foundation by leveraging granular identity intelligence to enforce least privilege and right-time, real-level access. Learn more about the potency of Saviynt’s Zero Trust capabilities and how you can utilize them for your business. 

Experience Saviynt’s Zero Trust Features

When you rely on The Identity Cloud from Saviynt, you experience Zero Trust solution features. We help support the adoption of Zero Trust through features, including: 

  • Intelligent identity perimeter: Move beyond simple VPNs and “inside” and “outside” boundaries with identity and context-aware policies 
  • Simplified dynamic access management: Use our risk-based approach to enforce the principle of least privilege
  • Privileged access: Reduce your surface attack by reducing the number of privileged accounts
  • Shared risk data: Easily integrate Zero Trust architecture tools for swift application
  • Support multi-cloud identity management and hybrid infrastructure: Stay agile across all platforms, vendors, and deployment models
  • Data breach prevention: Stay aware of every identity’s actions and automatically respond to unusual behavior

Leverage Zero-Trust Across Our Products

Use our powerful products for zero trust identity and access management. Explore how. 

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA): Simple to use and fast to deploy, enable Zero Trust through IGA. Zero Trust adoption provides each of your users quick, just-in-time access to the applications and data they need wherever they are, increasing business acceleration and transformation. 

Privileged Access Management (PAM): Attack surface keeps expanding. Saviynt’s Zero Trust solution embedded into PAM enables zero-standing privilege to least privileged policies, including privilege clipping using usage and outlier analysis. Hide passwords and lower credential access to reduce leaks. 

Application Access Governance (AAG): Prevent insider fraud through early detection by going all-in on Zero Trust through AAG. Assign just the right amount of access to critical systems and eliminate standing privileges to protect yourself against account takeover. 

External Identity & Risk Management: Feel secure without slowing down. Through Zero Trust, gain visibility, management, and control of third-party access control to reduce the burden on your IT team and streamline identity management on one platform.

Zero Trust Approach Benefits

Move beyond an implicit trust model, and experience the valuable seven key security benefits that Zero Trust provides:

  • Gain Greater Visibility Across the Enterprise: Have the autonomy to choose what resources and activities you’ll need to cover in your security strategy.
  • Simplify IT Management: Use automation to evaluate access requests. Access is automatically granted if the privileged access management (PAM) system judges the request to be standard, or a low risk, based on key identifiers.
  • Gain Insights and Work Smarter: Easily generate reliable data stored in a single location. This facilitates robust analytics, so your team can gain insights they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.
  • Improve Data Protection: Receive better data protection through the Zero Standing Privilege framework combined with just-in-time (JIT) access.
  • Secure Your Remote Workforce: Identity is the perimeter. Adopting a Zero Trust approach offers robust protection for workers and data in any location.
  • Streamline User Access: Automation that accompanies a Zero Trust framework enables users to access what they need quickly, so they don’t have to wait on administrators for approval.
  • Continuous Compliance: Zero Trust streamlines audits, and minimizes the effort required to produce evidence, making upholding governance faster and more efficient.

How Can We Help?

Achieve your Zero Trust mission. Across all industries, including the federal government, financial services, retail, and more, Saviynt provides easy out-of-the-box configurations that will secure access for your business. We’re a partner you can trust. 

Ready to see The Saviynt Identity Cloud in action? Get a personalized demo today with a Saviynt expert. We’ll dive deeper into our products, solutions, and how Zero Trust can support your business’s needs. 

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