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Economic Impact of Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud

Author: Devon Tackels

Date: 01/11/2021

New study finds that Saviynt customers can achieve a 240% ROI and realize $34.4M in benefits over three years.

Cloud migration and supporting remote work continues to be top of mind for business leaders. And your organization has probably been evaluating identity management platforms to improve onboarding workflows, eliminate security risk, and adapt to future IT trends — not to mention deliver a strong return on investment (ROI). 

Understanding the costs and benefits associated with this kind of transformation is an important part of the modern identity journey. This is why Saviynt commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential ROI enterprises realize by deploying Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud

To learn more, read the full study.

The Results Are In: Customers Save with Saviynt 

Before using Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud, organizations reported either manually performing identity and access governance responsibilities or using a combination of on-premises and homegrown tools that required internal coding, regular maintenance and upgrading, and significant management time. 

Customers discovered that both environments left them exposed to a high risk of security breaches and non-compliance, resulting in audit fines and potential reputational damage, which is why they made the switch to Saviynt. 

The Forrester TEI study shows many quantifiable benefits achieved by a company using Saviynt, based on a composite of four Saviynt customers that Forrester interviewed. 

Benefits include:

  • More than $11 million in savings through application access automation and reduced provisioning time throughout the user identity lifecycle 
  • $8.6 million in benefits from efficiencies gained through Segregation of Duties (SoD) automation to avoid a breach, costly audit failures, and non-compliance
  • A $4.5 million benefit resulting from a 90 percent time reduction in  employee and contractor onboarding

The study also found substantial unquantifiable benefits to organizations that choose Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud, including: 

  • Reduced IT resolution time through increased visibility, automation, and self-service features 
  • Flexibility to support the work-from-anywhere IT model as the security perimeter continues to grow beyond traditional offices 
  • Partnership and customization through uninterrupted support and security enhancements required as organizations scale operations

To learn more about the methodology and results, download the complete study


Saviynt-TEI-InfographicSource: The Total Economic Impact TM of Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Saviynt
A Converged Platform Delivers Greater Visibility & Efficiency 

Saviynt’s cloud-based platform unifies identity governance and administration (IGA), application access governance (AAG), and privileged access management (PAM) into one intelligent solution. This approach helps organizations increase efficiency and gain greater visibility into the entire enterprise IT ecosystem.


Forrester found that Saviynt customers gain efficiencies by streamlining several internal identity and access governance processes under one roof. These included application and employee access provisioning, user recertification, and SOD tasks. Saviynt’s unified platform eliminated the need for coding talent and significantly reduced risk perspective. 

Intelligent Insights Lower Risk and Reduce IT Resolution Time

Saviynt offers continuous monitoring, intelligent analytics, and tools to help organizations reduce their risk profile and maintain constant compliance. 

Forrester’s research shows the increased visibility and self-service features included in the solution result in a decrease in time required to resolve user access and provisioning issues. Additionally, as customers continue to realize the benefits of the platform, fewer IT tickets are reported.

Automation Eliminates Manual Workflows & Increases Agility 

Saviynt eliminates manual workflows, enabling organizations to complete a recertification or access review automatically. These capabilities allow companies to cut three weeks from the time previously needed to accomplish the same tasks. 



In the study, Forrester found the automation of application provisioning, access reviews, role-based access, employee & contractor onboarding, and lifecycle management promotes workflow efficiencies, productivity gains, and an improved security posture.

It can be challenging to understand the financial impact of identity management and governance solutions. But the TEI framework developed by Forrester Consulting can certainly help guide your organization as it weighs the benefits and risks associated with investing in a platform like Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud. 

Saviynt is a Cloud Identity Leader 

Saviynt is consistently recognized as a leader in identity management, access, and governance — including in Gartner’s 2019 IGA Magic Quadrant as “The most fully featured IGA solution delivered as a service of any vendor reviewed.” 

Other analyst firms have taken notice as well, including KuppingerCole. “Saviynt has emerged as one of the leading providers of intelligent identity management, innovating well beyond key legacy players with an already established position in the market,” said Richard Hill, analyst at KuppingerCole. “Saviynt’s strength, however, comes as a result of its cloud-native, converged approach to enterprise identity.”

To learn more about the impact Saviynt can have on your organization, we recommend that you:

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