Identity Governance & Administration

Enable Zero Trust With Risk-Based Governance

Identity Governance. Simplified.

Ensure users have seamless app and infrastructure access without compromising compliance. Saviynt simplifies IGA by increasing organizational agility through automation and intuitive workflows.

Security Risks Are Evolving. Are You Keeping Up?

More cloud infrastructure and apps come online every day. With breaches increasing in severity and number, organizations need a cloud-architected solution to control access, protect critical assets, and minimize risk.

Powered by a comprehensive identity warehouse and user experience to drive frictionless access, Saviynt Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) enables Zero Trust in your hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

Saviynt named a Gartner® Peer Insights™ Customers’ Choice: IGA for the 3rd consecutive year

Make Identity Your Security Perimeter

Protect Every Identity

Manage all human and machine identities through a single control plane

Increase Efficiency

Simplify identity workflows with a multi-channel and headless user experience

Fast Track Access Decisions

Reduce decision times by 70% and automatically approve low-risk access or flag reviews

Accelerate Zero Trust Adoption

Grant Just-in-Time Access and Zero Standing Privilege for all access – not just privileged users

Gain the Cloud Advantage

Increase agility and accelerate business transformation with a cloud-native IGA solution

Deploy Quickly & See ROI in Weeks

Implement Saviynt in 6-8 weeks and see a 240% return on initial investment over three years

The Most Comprehensive IGA Solution

Intelligent at Its Core

Reduce risk with advanced governance and intelligence through the most versatile cloud identity warehouse

  • Get 360-degree visibility across identities and access
  • Accelerate decision making with AI/ML-driven recommendations, remediation, & auto provisioning
  • Make risk-aware access decisions throughout the identity lifecycle
  • Ingest any identity and analyze complex access & usage data

A Smooth Experience at Every Touchpoint

Make identity governance seamless across all user touchpoints

  • Request and approve access from anywhere with Saviynt’s mobile app
  • Extend governance and access management with our native ServiceNow app
  • Streamline access requests through Saviynt’s browser plugin, Slack and Microsoft Teams integration

Rapid Identity Governance Meets Rapid ROI

Configure, use, and scale IGA with a modern UX/UI and elastic cloud-based infrastructure

  • Reduce application onboarding time by 70%
  • Onboard once, then enable features on-demand
  • Streamline access management with roles, rules, and policies
  • Simplify service account management

Simple & Easy to Use

Ensure a highly efficient and interactive identity governance experience

  • Reduce the dependency on IT operations by empowering users and admins with self-service features
  • Ensure visibility, control, and compliance through the Control Center
  • Reduce review fatigue with intelligent certification campaigns that surface high-risk access
  • Tailor IGA processes with bring-your-own connectors, widgets, and more

Deeper Integrations for Better Visibility & Control

Enable identity governance and provisioning to all enterprise systems

  • Improve visibility with fine-grained integration with EHR/ERP platforms
  • Tailor IGA with APIs and a rich set of connectors
  • Automate provisioning tasks with Identity Bot – a built-in RPA engine
  • Make identity management event driven by responding to changes in real-time

Organizations Save with Saviynt


Possible ROI



Reduction of Manual Process



Reduction of Provisioning Time

Why Saviynt?

In 2015, Saviynt introduced the world to the first SaaS-based Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution.

Since then, we’ve grown to an organization of more than 800 employees and have been helmed by the best cybersecurity experts in the world. We’ve also gained recognition from reputable authorities like Deloitte, KuppingerCole, and Gartner.

Yet our unwavering mission has remained the same – to protect companies from the growing threat of hacks and data breaches. In 2022 alone, the number of cyberattacks increased by 38%. And 82% of those involved social engineering tactics like phishing.

Saviynt’s identity governance and administration platform evolved to keep up.

Our intelligent, cloud-first privileged access management tools can help protect your data from threats today and tomorrow. The Saviynt platform has achieved top marks in Gartner Solution Comparison for IGA, giving you peace of mind that we’ll provide robust and comprehensive protection like no other. 

Customers Share Their Stories

The world’s largest organizations trust Saviynt to protect their privileged accounts from cybercriminals and data breaches. 


Saviynt delivered a comprehensive identity access and management solution for Wienerberger’s 17,000 employees, replacing overlapping systems with a single integrated approach.


Origin Energy found Saviynt reduced birthright provisioning from ten days to 24 hours, automated provisioning to their core applications, automated attestation approvals, and reviews, and eliminated manual spreadsheet analysis.

Identity Governance and Administration: FAQs

IGA (identity governance and administration) manages user and digital access privileges and digital identities in the organization.

Its goal is to provide employees seamless access to relevant data while keeping that same data safe from cybercriminals or accidental disclosure. Identity governance solutions can also help a company comply with regulatory requirements. At the same time, IGA processes shouldn’t get in the way of an efficient operation.

To achieve this objective, identity access governance solutions encompass various tools, policies, and methodologies that work in tandem. It manages multiple areas, including identity management, data governance, role-based access control policies, and more.

A good IGA solution should cover the following functions.

First (and arguably the most important) is identity lifecycle management. It’s concerned with onboarding new users, creating accounts, granting access privileges, and (if needed) revoking them. It also involves constant review to ensure users’ privileges are still relevant.

IGA also helps with access request management. The goal is to make asking for access privileges seamless and self-service. This helps lessen the burden with the administration team.

IGA solutions should also provide access control policies. Examples include role-based, resource-based, or attribute-based approaches. The aim is to give access based on a person’s role, authority, and security clearance within the organization.

Managing policies is crucial for any IGA platform. It helps the admin team detect high-risk requests, enforce access policies, and prevent unauthorized users from breaching the system. Saviynt Identity Governance and Administration also includes a strong auditing and reporting workflow that helps provide and document continuous compliance so that management can trace the source of a data breach when it happens.

The main benefit you’ll get from an IGA platform is security. An effective platform can help reduce data breaches and accidental leaks by limiting data access based on job specific activities. Furthermore, even when breaches occur, an IGA platform can minimize the damage by limiting the information an attacker can access.

Another benefit is compliance with relevant government and industry regulations. For instance, an IGA solution in Europe is vital for complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Not only can this help make your data safe, but it also saves you from paying hefty fines and enduring public scrutiny.

An automated IGA approach also improves your organization’s efficiency. Many manual tasks, like providing access privileges, can be taken off your staff’s plate, giving employees more time to work on more productive tasks.

Modern, cloud-based IGA solutions also provide cost savings through the use of machine learning. In addition to management savings through the use of automation, you don’t need to hire costly professional services to customize or help maintain your program while also reducing the chance of facing heavy fines for non-compliance.

While beneficial for any organization, IGA security isn’t necessary for all of them. The main limitation is resources.

Implementing a proper IGA solution takes time, money, and effort. This can be more trouble than it’s worth for smaller organizations with only a handful of employees, that operate in a single cloud, and don’t have many external or third-party identities needing management. These companies can often do better with manual identity governance and enforcing simple access policies.

However, IGA is mandatory for a growing enterprise. Aside from the potential threats facing larger operations, management should also be keen on complying with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Yes. In fact, an IGA platform will become much more effective when paired with other security elements.

For example, an IGA solution can be paired with identity access management (IAM) solutions to ensure that the right person is signing into their account. Or, it can interface with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software for real-time monitoring.

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