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Enable Zero Trust WithRisk-Based Governance

Identity Governance. Simplified.

Ensure users have seamless app and infrastructure access without compromising compliance. Saviynt simplifies IGA by increasing organizational agility through automation and intuitive workflows.

Security Risks Are Evolving. Are You Keeping Up?

More cloud infrastructure and apps come online every day. With breaches increasing in severity and number, organizations need a cloud-architected solution to control access, protect critical assets, and minimize risk.

Powered by a comprehensive identity warehouse and user experience to drive frictionless access, Saviynt Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) enables Zero Trust in your hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

Go with the Proven IGA Leader

For the fifth year in a row, Saviynt was named a leader in the 2022 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report for IGA. In the report, analysts from all over the world once again acknowledged Saviynt’s leadership in the IGA space. Find out why.

Make Identity Your Security Perimeter

Secure Your Enterprise Identities and Maintain Governance with Saviynt
Protect Every Identity

Manage all human and machine identities through a single control plane

Increase Efficiency

Simplify identity workflows with a multi-channel and headless user experience

Fast Track Access Decisions

Reduce decision times by 70% and automatically approve low-risk access or flag reviews

Accelerate Zero Trust Adoption

Grant Just-in-Time Access and Zero Standing Privilege for all access – not just privileged users

Gain the Cloud Advantage

Increase agility and accelerate business transformation with a cloud-native IGA solution

Deploy Quickly & See ROI in Weeks

Implement Saviynt in 6-8 weeks and see a 240% return on initial investment over three years

The Most Comprehensive IGA Solution

Intelligent at Its Core

Reduce risk with advanced governance and intelligence through the most versatile cloud identity warehouse

  • Get 360-degree visibility across identities and access
  • Accelerate decision making with AI/ML-driven recommendations, remediation, & auto provisioning
  • Make risk-aware access decisions throughout the identity lifecycle
  • Ingest any identity and analyze complex access & usage data

A Smooth Experience at Every Touchpoint

Make governance seamless across all user touchpoints

  • Request and approve access from anywhere with Saviynt’s mobile app
  • Extend governance and access management with our native ServiceNow app
  • Streamline access requests through Saviynt’s browser plugin, Slack and Microsoft Teams integration

Rapid Governance Meets Rapid ROI

Configure, use, and scale IGA with a modern UX/UI and elastic cloud-based infrastructure

  • Reduce application onboarding time by 70%
  • Onboard once, then enable features on-demand
  • Streamline access management with roles, rules, and policies
  • Simplify service account management

Simple & Easy to Use

Ensure a highly efficient and interactive governance program
  • Reduce the dependency on IT operations by empowering users and admins with self-service features
  • Ensure visibility, control, and compliance through the Control Center
  • Reduce review fatigue with intelligent certification campaigns that surface high-risk access
  • Tailor IGA processes with bring-your-own connectors, widgets, and more

Deeper Integrations for Better Visibility & Control

Enable governance and provisioning to all enterprise systems

  • Improve visibility with fine-grained integration with EHR/ERP platforms
  • Tailor IGA with APIs and a rich set of connectors
  • Automate provisioning tasks with Identity Bot – a built-in RPA engine
  • Make identity management event driven by responding to changes in real-time


Identity Governance and Administration, or IGA, is the systems and processes that help identify every network user, application, and data flow. Also known as identity security, it goes beyond the capabilities of standard identity and access management (IAM) platforms.

As the title suggests, IGA is separated into two components covering different areas.

The first is identity governance, which is the management side of IGA. Identity governance deals with role management policies, including the delineation of duties and analytics and reporting functions.

The other component is identity administration, which is the “implementation” aspect of IGA. It mainly covers account administration, entitlement management, and user provisioning and deprovisioning.

IGA, as a whole, combines these two components into one comprehensive solution. It allows an organization to automate access to assets in a network while mitigating the security risks that come with it. More importantly, IGA is a critical tool to ensure regulatory compliance.

The solution is also responsible for user identity lifecycle management and includes tools to help it perform efficiently. Core components are IGA security features like single sign-on (SSO) and password managers. IGA also manages user permissions to access both apps and data and includes automation for provisioning and deprovisioning user access.

IGA is incredibly flexible, and it isn’t limited to an on-premise solution. It can also be used to manage cloud architectures, hybrid networks, and cloud-based applications.

The biggest benefit of IGA is that it will greatly strengthen the security of your network. For example, one common cause of security breaches is stolen user credentials. With IGA, hackers cannot access every part of the system thanks to access management policies. What’s more, administrators can easily detect user access violations and rectify them immediately.

While IGA strengthens your security, it also simultaneously eases access to key assets. When users need to work with an app or data, there’s no need for IT teams to grant it manually. Since everything is automated, users can do it themselves. This speeds up your organization’s efficiency while freeing staffing for more critical tasks.

Ultimately, this helps reduce your costs by eliminating time-consuming tasks like access management, retrieving passwords, provisioning, and access certification. IGA also provides analytics and metrics to help improve user control policies, further speeding up workflows. Plus, you avoid expensive data breaches and regulatory fines with tighter security.

Identity governance solutions might seem like they’re only for big business, but this is a critical oversight. All companies, regardless of size, are at threat from breaches due to stolen credentials. For this reason, IGA will always be essential. In fact, smaller firms need more protection since they often don’t have the resources to withstand data breaches.

There’s also the misconception that only international companies subject to strict regulations should use identity governance and administration solutions. That’s also not true.

Remember that regulations are there to enforce something that all companies should already take seriously – security. By being proactive with your identity management even without regulatory oversight, you’re showing users that you care about their data security.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is the set of standards created by the federal government to protect sensitive medical information stored digitally, also called ePHI (protected health information). It ensures that patient record confidentiality and data integrity. Non-compliance with HIPAA can open you up to millions of dollars in fees.

Identity governance and administration tools are very effective at ensuring HIPAA compliance. Solutions can use artificial intelligence and analytics to monitor access to patient records and detect any unusual patterns. Access histories can also be reviewed and dealt with accordingly.

You can also enforce strict policies for apps that work with ePHI data to improve security. It’s also easy for healthcare institutions to locate both structured and unstructured ePHI, bringing greater visibility to organizations.

First, it’s useful to distinguish between identity governance and administration (IGA) and identity and access management (IAM) solutions.

IAM is the tool that manages users, identities, and what assets they can access in a network. On the other hand, IGA is much more comprehensive, as it also covers policy management, analytics, and governance.

So, how do they work together? In many ways, IAM is a vital component of IGA. It’s responsible for not only defining IAM rules but also enforcing them. In addition, IGA gives IAM tools a bigger picture purpose by connecting them with business and regulatory goals. It also helps solve many IAM challenges, like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives and remote provisioning.

In other words, both IGA and IAM are crucial components for preventing data breaches and user credential mismanagement.

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The world’s largest organizations trust Saviynt to protect their privileged accounts from cybercriminals and data breaches.

Saviynt delivered a comprehensive identity access and management solution for Wienerberger’s 17,000 employees, replacing overlapping systems with a single integrated approach.


Origin Energy found Saviynt reduced birthright provisioning from ten days to 24 hours, automated provisioning to their core applications, automated attestation approvals, and reviews, and eliminated manual spreadsheet analysis.

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