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Identity Governance & Administration (IGA)

Control identity risk without compromising productivity.

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Simple To Use, Fast To Deploy.

  • Protect your business from attack.
  • Stay ahead of compliance.
  • Enable zero trust. 

Give users seamless access to the applications and data they need, wherever and whenever they work.

Identity Governance. Simplified.


Protect Every Identity

Manage all human & machine identities through a single control plane.


Increase Efficiency

Unify identity workflows with a multi-channel and frictionless user experience.


Fast Track Access Decisions

Reduce decision times by 70% & automatically approve low-risk access or flag reviews.


Accelerate Zero Trust Adoption

Grant just-in-time access for all access— not just privileged users — and achieve zero standing privilege.


Gain the Cloud Advantage

Increase agility and accelerate business transformation with a cloud-native IGA solution.


Deploy Quickly & See ROI in Weeks

Implement Saviynt in 6-8 weeks & see a 240% return on initial investment over three years.

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Saviynt IGA is the clear customers’ choice

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The Most Comprehensive
IGA Solution

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Intelligent at Its Core

Reduce risk with advanced governance and intelligence through the most versatile cloud identity warehouse

  • Get 360-degree visibility across identities and access
  • Accelerate decisions with risk-based recommendations, remediation, & auto provisioning
  • Automate the entire identity lifecycle
  • Ingest any identity and analyze complex access & usage data

A Smooth Experience at Every Touchpoint

Make governance seamless across all user touchpoints

  • Extend governance and access management with our native ServiceNow app
  • Streamline access requests through Saviynt’s browser plugin, Slack and Microsoft Teams integration
  • Unify administration across environments

Secure Without Slowing Business Down

Configure, use, and scale IGA with a modern UX/UI and elastic cloud-based infrastructure

  • Reduce application onboarding time by 70% or more
  • Onboard once, then enable features on-demand
  • Streamline access with roles, rules, and policies
  • Simplify service account management
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Rapid Governance Meets Rapid ROI

Ensure a highly efficient and interactive governance program

  • Reduce IT dependence by empowering users and admins with self-service features
  • Ensure visibility, control, and compliance through a centralized Control Center
  • Reduce review fatigue with intelligent certification campaigns that surface high-risk access
  • Tailor IGA processes with bring-your-own connectors, widgets, and more

Deeper Integrations for Better Visibility & Control

Enable governance and provisioning to all enterprise systems

  • Improve visibility with fine-grained integration with ERP/EHR platforms
  • Connect everything quickly and securely with certified integrations in Saviynt Exchange
  • Automate provisioning tasks with IdentityBot – a built-in RPA engine
  • Make identity management event driven by responding to changes in real-time

Customers Share Their Stories

The world’s largest organizations trust Saviynt

Award-Winning Deployment Achieves 83% Faster Onboarding

"Executing a project of this size, across three continents and multiple time zones, during a global pandemic was a major achievement. The spirit of collaboration and sense of teamwork was invaluable in delivering the project in time. Saviynt did a wonderful job.

Daniel Tunes

Director, Head of Identity & Access Management at Danfoss


Journey to the Cloud with Phillips 66 and Saviynt IGA

Saviynt helped Phillips 66 with their IGA modernization initiative

"Our on-prem solution could only manage other things on-prem, and Saviynt has the ability to manage things both on-prem and in the cloud, so that was one of the things that made us realize that this is really a good solution for us in both realms."

Steve Edford

Analyst, Identity and Privileged Account Management


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Identity Governance and Administration: FAQs

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