Identity Governance & Administration

Secure Any Human or Machine Identity

Powered by a comprehensive identity warehouse and user experience to drive frictionless access, Saviynt Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) helps organizations to accelerate Zero Trust for all human and machine identities in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

The No Compromise Cloud IGA Solution


Industry-leading cloud architecture built for enterprise scale & flexibility

Governance for all human and machine identities – including third parties

Modern web interface, mobile app, browser plug-in, and ServiceNow app

Rapid application & identity onboarding with pre-built templates and discovery of unmanaged assets & applications

AI & ML-powered identity analytics identify risk and duplicate identities, and close access gaps

Actionable insights for identity management, compliance, and security via the Control Center


Request Access Anywhere, Anytime

Ensure frictionless access requests for any identity in your organization.

Key capabilities:

Request Recommendations

Suggest applications & entitlements for users based on policies, peer analytics, & historical requests

Access from Anywhere

Request and approve access with Saviynt’s mobile app, browser plug-in, and Slack and Microsoft Teams integration

Policy Violation and SoD Conflict Detection

Prevent risky access by understanding violations and conflicts for any request

Additional capabilities:

  • Just-in-Time Access
  • API-Based Integration

Make Approvals Easy

Streamline the approval process for access requests.

Key capabilities:

Smart Review

Define the risk and criticality levels of requested items, then automatically approve non-critical access

Risk Insights Panel

View key risks including SoD violations and outlier access

Expert Consultation

Utilize in-line collaboration via main interface or Slack to make informed access decisions

Additional capabilities:

  • Mitigating Controls
  • Approval Confidence
  • Escalation and Delegation

Save Time With Governance Automation

Simplify identity workflows with an intuitive and automated solution.

Key capabilities:

Ownership & Succession Management

View history of changes and versioning for roles, rules, policies, or entitlements, and transfer ownership

Separation of Duties (SoD) Management

Ensure continuous compliance through granular preventive and detective analysis

Service Account Management

Assign service account ownership and manage & certify access consistently

Additional capabilities:

  • Third-Party Access Governance
  • Data Classification
  • Continuous Monitoring

Get Smart About Certification & Compliance

Streamline the certification and compliance process

Key capabilities:

Intelligent Certification Campaigns

Build flexible campaigns to launch certifications based on user & app data for easy monitoring and remediation

Ongoing Micro-Certifications

Reduce review fatigue with continuous certifications triggered by user changes such as job, attributes,  or time-bound access needs

Business Process Workflows

Clip unused excessive privileges and employ risk-based workflows & peer-group analysis to eliminate “rubber-stamping”

Additional capabilities:

  • Application and Entitlement Owner Certifications 
  • Service Account Certifications
  • Role Owner Certifications
  • Consolidated Reporting to Streamline Audits

Simplify Identity Lifecycle Management

Provision all enterprise users, applications, and systems.

Key capabilities:

HR System Onboarding

Align access with a user’s job function defined by HR systems

Automatic Entitlements Adjustment

Change policy-based access based on identity events

Built-in Connectors

Easily connect applications, such as Workday, SAP, and hundreds of others with connector framework

Last-Mile App Integration & Provisioning

Easily integrate any app without a connector using a built-in Identity Bot

Additional capabilities:

  • Direct Integration with Enterprise Applications for Access Entitlement Gathering
  • Application and User Access Visibility and Management

Redefine Role & Policy Management

Configure relevant roles and rules to handle multiple identity lifecycle events

Key capabilities:

Role & Rule Engineering

Design roles and rules based on job functions, org attributes, & application usage – and continuously fine-tune and evaluate

Role & Rule Management

Manage composition, lifecycle, ownership, & version control

Automated Policy Workflows

Autonomously assign or revoke accounts, access, or roles based on changes to user identities

Additional capabilities:

  • Fine-Grained Entitlements Management

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