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Modernizing Identity Governance & Accelerating Compliance Maturity

Saviynt helped Gordon Food Service transform a patchwork of legacy on-premises Identity Management (IDM) systems into a modern, cloud-native IGA solution to meet short and long-term security and compliance objectives.


How Saviynt IGA enabled Gordon Food Service to modernize identity governance at enterprise scale

Already the largest family-operated broadline food distribution company in North America, Gordon Food Service was preparing for additional growth. Looking to gain a competitive edge by expanding into new regional markets, the company needed a modern technology infrastructure to support its business strategy. With Saviynt’s solution, Gordon Food Service was able to manage identity lifecycles at enterprise scale across a diverse hybrid computing environment while automating compliance processes and improving end-user experience.

Gordon Food Service’s Challenge

Gordon Food Service embarked upon the implementation of a new cloud ERP solution as part of a broader digital transformation initiative designed to support growth. But the company was reliant upon a combination of three different legacy on-premises identity management systems. This patchwork approach created visibility issues that were greatly amplified by the migration into a more complex cloud ecosystem.

What’s more, with the legacy approach, it was challenging to integrate new applications and endpoints, end users were experiencing unnecessary friction, and the company couldn’t meet its security and identity governance objectives. It was simply impossible for Gordon Food Service to build the comprehensive enterprise-wide identity governance framework they needed.

Saviynt's Solutions

Saviynt’s cloud-native identity governance and administration (IGA) solution provided a solid foundation for the company’s new identity and security strategy. With this new solution, Gordon Food Service has been able to:

  • Modernize identity management capabilities for over 18,000 users across more than 256 applications and 21 connected systems in a diverse hybrid computing environment
  • Implement an access governance solution that’s fully integrated with its new cloud ERP system
  • Perform attestations for enterprise roles and fine-grained entitlements based on risk
  • Establish a single source of truth for identity governance that can be administered within an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Remove friction for end users with self-administered permissions

The Results

Gordon Food Service has built a solid foundation for a future-facing identity and governance framework.

With Saviynt’s IGA solution now in place, Gordon Food Service has set the cornerstone for an enduring identity governance and security strategy that will span the entire enterprise. Gordon Food Service now enjoys:


Continuous compliance monitoring across a complex on-premises and cloud hybrid ecosystem
Accelerated security maturity through enhanced visibility and reduction of real-world identity risks
Enhanced employee satisfaction with the solution’s modern and intuitive interface
Improved efficiency with seamless integrations of important applications and new endpoints
"Before, when we didn’t have a modern solution, we felt stagnant. Today, we’re in a much better place. Overall, the implementation has been a success, and the Saviynt team was fantastic."

Paul Dumbleton

Enterprise Information Security Team Manager at Gordon Food Service

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