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International Music Brand Secures, Centralizes, and Simplifies Compliance

One of the world's foremost companies signs with Saviynt to secure massive ecosystem and meet stringent global data protection laws

The Opportunity

Temporary, Homegrown Solutions a Record Scratch For Modern, Global Enterprises

With over 10,000 users around the globe relying on almost 50 different applications, one of the world’s leading music companies needed to automate and standardize access across a geographically and technically diverse environment. This included thousands of third-party service providers, temporary workers, and hundreds of partners—as well as executive leaders with rapidly changing travel schedules. Each of these groups had different access needs and unique workflows.

Given its vast international workforce, integrating identity and account systems was crucial. The company needed a better way to meet this large-scale challenge and comply with stringent fraud prevention and data protection standards.

Before implementing Saviynt IGA, its internal teams were relying on manual account provisioning solutions they’d built as a stopgap to manage and provision dynamic distribution lists and
groups. It was never intended for long-term use, and all application onboarding had to be accomplished manually.

Putting identity front and central to a core strategy, the global music brand sought more advanced functionalities, including the ability to automate joiner-mover-leaver (JML) provisioning processes, create advanced security reports, integrate analytics with their security information and event management (SIEM) platform, and support single sign-on and routine attestations.

The company leveraged Saviynt’s unified cloud platform to put scalable identity as core to a broader more agile digital innovation.

We had 100% participation in the first certification process that we went through with Saviynt. For us, that speaks volumes about how much easier this was for our managers to complete. Approvals were automatic, we didn’t have to create manual reports, and there were no long lists of accounts to upload by hand. That was a huge win for us.”

The Solution

Integration is Instrumental to Effective Compliance

With Saviynt IGA, the company implemented coarse- grained access controls that govern identities within AD and Entra ID (Azure AD). Their teams also integrated Workday and ServiceNow identity repositories for contingent workers and label partners, respectively. The company’s HR department provided the single source of truth across the entire organization, and Saviynt IGA leveraged that data to automate provisioning for a growing number of applications.

The music brand’s one-year staged deployment of Saviynt IGA began with a complete restructuring of AD, the build-out of contingent worker identities within Workday, and the implementation of new JML workflows.

The Impact
Automated lifecycle
management for
15 K
users, third-party service
providers & partners
Simplified access
certifications for

With everything in one system, we have set the foundation. We continue to onboard more and more applications into the platform, and we’ll get more and more granular with our roles and entitlements. Ultimately, the goal is to have a centralized platform that leverages extensive automation and gives hours back to our teams.”

The Results

While making solid progress toward its longer-term compliance goals, including simplified workflows within Workday, email address management, and 
 fine-grained separation of duties controls, the company also achieved:

Automated account provisioning/de-provisioning

across multiple clouds and legacy applications in the private data center

Simplified joiner-mover-leaver 

for all, including partners 
and external contractors

Integration with a broad array of commercial and custom applications

including Workday, Microsoft Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, Office 365, ServiceNow, Duo, SAP GRC, Zoom, Box, and more.

Consistent, unified policies and workflows

across a decentralized 
 IT organization

Streamlined attestations across a decentralized 
 IT organization

to simplify 
and accelerate compliance reviews

Automated access certification

processes, along with boosted employee participation



password reset capabilities

The Lessons Learned

Convergence boosts more than just security.

When teams are spread across different time zones in different countries, each region has a unique way of doing things. Standardizing processes and account data requires a lot of communication. But in the end, getting on the same page builds a more cohesive organization.

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