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Industrial Tech Company Sees Record Time to Value

Industrial Tech Group Sees Record Time to Value with Identity Transformation

The Opportunity

Driving efficiency with cloud-native automation

A leading American industrial technology conglomerate that creates more efficient workflow solutions for workplace safety, engineering, and healthcare sought to drive greater efficiencies internally. With over 15,000 employees across 50 countries, the multi-sector company was slowed down by manual access provisioning processes that were outdated, labor-intensive, and far from compliance-ready. The team had a vision: a simple, powerful, converged identity governance and administration (IGA) platform—deployed in under 6 months.

The Solution

Integration: the foundation of compliance-readiness

Of the leading vendors considered, only Saviynt’s converged cloud-native platform could integrate with its intricate application ecosystem, which spanned multiple markets and geographies and abounded with special use cases.

For instance, some employees needed to maintain multiple AD accounts—yet the organization needed to adhere to best practices for Separation of Duties (SoD) within EBS. In Saviynt, they found a partner and a platform that could support their vision—even when it included capabilities not supported out- of-the-box.

The company was able to automate multiple formerly manual processes, including gathering the documentation needed for user access audits, termination processes, and automation of access request-based provisioning. Saviynt IGA’s intuitive automated workflows made it possible to onboard new users at speed, while supporting a mature security posture for the organization as a whole as well as compliance with SOC 2, GDPR, and other cross-industry frameworks.

Through hard work, determination, and a highly productive collaboration with Saviynt, the company was able to complete the entire project in a record-breaking four months.

Our technical team is very proud of what we’ve achieved with this project. This implementation was complex, nuanced, and intricate. By applying our own expertise, and leaning on Saviynt’s commitment to excellence, we saw success in record time.

The Impact
4 apps
integrated in
6 months
27k entitlements
managed and secured for
21k users

Our requirements were complex, and we knew that we could never settle for ‘no, it’s not supported out of the box’ responses from our partner. Instead, the Saviynt implementation team had to put their skills and expertise to work to help us build out the complex, custom configurations we needed. They rose to the challenge at every step along the way.

The Results

Lockstep collaboration achieves exceptional capabilities

Saviynt’s expert services team worked alongside the company’s internal technical teams, encouraging over-the- shoulder learning so employees could onboard apps into Saviynt IGA themselves. This tight collaboration empowered its internal teams with the know-how to ensure over 40,000 active accounts had the right access to the right resources as quickly as possible. The company saved money and time— and gained the analytics and automated reporting capabilities it needed to simplify compliance, create audit trails and document SoD best practices.

Though timelines were aggressive and goals logistically complex—with applications from multiple vendors with different security models—the project stayed on track throughout all of them, onboarding 4 Apps and completing 
 55 access requests in 6 months.

The Lessons Learned

Don’t settle for multiple point solutions.

If the vendor you’re considering lacks key app integration capabilities, support, or requires expensive and extensive custom coding, keep walking. Look for a converged, low code/no code, cloud-native platform.


Take full advantage of partner relationships to train internal teams.

Collaborative knowledge transfer with an expert services partner frees teams from reliance on a vendor, saves time and effort downstream, and empowers future growth.


User experience matters.

To be effective, a platform must be easy to use. Look for software-enabled workflows and applied intelligence that can deliver a seamless user experience across all touchpoints.d empowers future growth.

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