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Beyond The Buzzword: The Competitive Advantage of True Convergence

Author: Greg Liewer

Date: 10/03/2023

Converged identity solutions can be transformative, but to maximize their potential, leaders must understand the concept of ‘convergence’ beyond the name.

As companies re-evaluate how they do identity governance, they’ll soon run into the idea of “convergence.” As we’ve emphasized before, convergence is more than just repackaging distinct tool sets.

True identity convergence ties access, security, and governance capabilities via a flexible and extensible cloud platform to improve security postures, simplify governance, and maximize platform ROI.

According to Security Boulevard, converged identity security platforms help eliminate problematic silos between IGA, IAM, and PAM functions, and create a unified view of identity security across the enterprise.


Once enterprises grasp what genuine convergence means, and how to understand the difference between slippery sales speak and real converged capabilities, they find a platform competitive advantage.

Making Converged Identity Your Competitive Advantage

Businesses look to all sorts of areas to find a competitive edge. But too few consider how ripe identity security is as a means to outperforming their peers.

By evaluating new efficiencies and harnessing the benefits of convergence, enterprises can grab immediate, outsized benefits.

Saviynt has brought convergence benefits to a range of global enterprises, mid-market companies, and government and educational institutions.


Here are a few of the primary ways we see companies turning convergence into competitive edge.

Supporting Cloud Shifts

As companies execute modernization or transformation initiatives, they tend to increasingly rely on cloud capabilities for critical functions.

Herein lies the problem: they need to expand visibility, access, and governance across varied environments, and maintain confidence in upholding security while building towards a Zero Trust/least privilege foundation.

Built for simplicity and scale, Saviynt EIC merges core identity security capabilities in a single platform, allowing administrators and users to better govern and manage a growing universe of identities across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Optimizing Application Onboarding

Every second or dollar saved through streamlined application governance gives enterprises a competitive edge.

Saviynt’s converged identity solution reduces application onboarding times by up to 70% by using pre-configured templates, a robust control library, and an intuitive wizard. Too often, security leaders bog down when trying to onboard critical enterprise applications. Often, they have to make a decision about whether to manage complex, custom code to gain visibility and management capabilities, or they have to flat-out ignore some applications, services, or clouds and resign themselves to one-off management efforts.

Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) quickly connects cloud platforms, enterprise applications, databases and directories, and cloud storage with pre-built and out-of-the-box integrations. With hundreds of certified integrations, enterprises can quickly and easily add applications and ingest usage and risk signals from critical enterprise applications.

The platform also supports Bring-Your-Own (BYO) capabilities for existing workflows, security keys, vaults, and forms, which means enterprises can still leverage previous investments and provide a continuous user experience.

Unifying Management and Reporting

True convergence results in a 360-degree view of the entire identity landscape – whether on-premises, multi-cloud, or hybrid. This means that security leaders don’t need a patchwork of individual tools, reports, dashboards, and manual consolidation to bolster the administrative experience.

Leaders can quickly assess an identity program’s health with actionable reporting against key performance indicators while relying on unified intelligence and easy-to-consume dashboarding.

Reducing Risk with Actionable Insights and Better Intelligence

Outperformance doesn’t just mean newer or faster tools, it means reducing underlying security risks that impair the business.

Saviynt’s converged approach to identity emphasizes an identity warehouse that centralizes all identities and eliminates security silos. Our warehouse features an analytics engine that performs machine-learning activities including risk-based data and usage pattern analysis. It helps eliminate manual tasks by providing intelligent  recommendations around identity access and role management.


The warehouse also ingests, contextualizes, and exchanges risk data across GRC, SIEM, and other security solutions to broaden risk understanding across users, access, compliance, activity, and even endpoints.

Helping Users ‘Help Themselves’

Enterprises that make security leaders a productivity or usability bottleneck will naturally fall behind their peers.

Although Saviynt operates as a cybersecurity vendor, we believe converged solutions should offer as much usability as they do security!

Saviynt’s EIC prioritizes giving users application access via self-service features. Our “anytime-anywhere access experience” utilizes existing collaboration platforms and ITSM tools to streamline identity workflows. Our platform also supports tailored personas to dynamically grant (and revoke) access to varied user types. This step of reducing manual permissioning should not be overlooked – when IT leaders can maintain necessary protections without getting in the way of a user’s access, everyone wins!

Competitive advantage comes in a variety of forms: Cost savings, productivity gains, expanded visibility, reduced manual effort, lessened IT fatigue, reduced security incidents, and lower cybersecurity insurance premiums.

In fact, all of these are worthwhile targets. So much so, that we say – why choose just one?

That’s the converged opportunity.



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