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Saviynt UX: A Tailored Experience

Author: Chad Maxwell

Date: 09/28/2023

Our Customers Help Us Make Identity Security Feel and Look so Good, You’ll Want to Use it Every Day

If you caught our previous blog about how we’re building a UX-driven organization, you’re already familiar with our customer-obsessed ethos. We’ve talked about the big picture. Who we are. What we’re working on. When our designs will be complete. How we’re partnering with customers to get things done.

In this blog, we take our customer obsession a step further. Because at Saviynt, we think that designing a great experience should feel like getting fitted for your favorite suit. While we don’t literally tailor custom solutions for each of our customers, we believe our identity security products should have the right balance of form and function to perfectly protect what’s most valuable to you. And like a meticulously tailored suit enhances your appearance and confidence, a well-designed identity security experience should elevate trust and efficiency across your company.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, we invite you to step up on the platform to see how we tailor our UX to fit your actual needs, safeguard what matters most—and help you look good doing it. We’re not actually wielding any needles, so no need to worry about getting poked.

Step One: The Consultation

Much like fashion designers are keenly aware of fabrics and stitching techniques and have an authoritative voice on style by season, we know the ins and outs of identity security. But none of our expertise matters if the experience we provide doesn’t match your needs. If our solution doesn’t fit your organization, is outdated—or worse, it causes usability friction—you just won’t use it. This is why we start with a consultation.

A broad set of Saviynt features have been thoroughly tested by our customers. Those insights are helping us tailor our experience.


A broad set of Saviynt features have been thoroughly tested by our customers. Those insights are helping us tailor our experience.

Before the first stitch (or the first pixel), our UX team asks a lot of questions. We want to learn about you. How long have you been using our products? Which features do you most commonly use? What have your users been saying? What’s making you itch and what do you like so far? What are your identity security goals and where can we nip-and-tuck the user experience to help you reach them?

Since many of our customers are often already using our product, we’re obsessed with making sure it fits right. If it’s too restrictive, what can we alter to make it feel better?

To get it just right, let’s see what happens during the fitting process.

Step Two: The Fitting

The Saviynt UX team thrives when our customers’ voice is the loudest. After an initial consultation, we take time to listen to your objectives, your restrictions, your wants and needs. We conduct an analysis of what we’ve gotten right with our product and what we can improve. We offer our customers a place where they can speak openly and freely, because if our customers don’t have an opportunity to be honest about what needs improvement, we can’t get the tailoring right.

How do we “fit” our platform to support all of our customers’ business models, you ask? It takes more than simple visual improvements that only look good or impressive feature sets that only complicate the experience. To inspire dashing aesthetics and a Swiss army knife of user-centric features, here are some of the tools we use:

Idea Gathering

The Saviynt Ideas Portal is open 24/7 for your comments and suggestions. Whether you have an idea for a new feature or a way to improve the features you already use, just sign up and submit your ideas. All ideas follow a standard review cycle against our current development and roadmap, and our UX team regularly monitors the ideas that are submitted. There’s no such thing as a bad idea.

Less than a year after launching our Ideas Portal, our customers have helped shape our platform with lots of ideas.

Knowledge Sharing

Your unique POV is critical to each of the teams here at Saviynt. Whether we glean insights from product managers, customer success managers, technical account managers or our customer advocacy team, the UX team thrives on sharing that knowledge. It helps us get to the nitty-gritty of what you’re struggling with and how we can solve your unique challenges.

Surveying the Community

In the Saviynt Community Portal, the competition is hot. Our customers engage in friendly challenges, participate in surveys, and earn badges. While they might not earn a spot on the cover of GQ, they can earn the top spot on the Saviynt leaderboard—which we think is just as good.

Workshops & Interviews

During these 1-2 hour virtual meetings between our UX team and our customers, we get real. We want you to be 100% honest about your current experiences with our product so we can understand the problem and use what we hear to build the right thing. Like any good heart-to-heart, these sessions help us build stronger relationships along the way.


In several fun and productive workshops, we've discussed current experiences and reviewed future Saviynt designs with many customer participants.

Design Reviews

Think show and tell. We create design prototypes that we think will solve problems and demo them for our customers. Then we open the floor to feedback and find out where we nailed it and where we fell short. We host design reviews early and often, both internally and externally, for projects big and small. During one of our CPAM design reviews, one of our customers said, “From what I just saw, what was just demo’d, this is 1000% better than what we have at the moment. Definitely.”


Usability Testing

Like slipping on a suit after modifications, this is where we get to prove how well we’ve listened. After all of our hard work, we put our designs in front of users. We conduct both self-guided and moderated usability tests to validate that our designs will help them succeed in doing their everyday jobs. And if it’s not right, we go back to the drawing board as many times as it takes. In one of our Certifications usability tests, one of our customers said, “We do hundreds of these all year long, so I think this is a really great approach and easy to understand.”

In-Product Analytics (Coming Soon!)

We’re constantly thinking about new ways we can tailor our experience to your needs. In the very near future, we’ll be integrating intelligent user analytics into our platform so that we can learn from and interact with our customers through activity analytics and real-time surveys. We’ll also be able to provide helpful spotlight tours and onboarding guidance to make the experience easier and more intuitive.

Why do we dedicate so much effort to Step Two? Simple. It’s our opportunity to discover problems and solutions together and bring our shared vision to life. And while every piece of feedback steers our thinking, not every idea becomes part of our product. Sometimes, a small change makes a big improvement. Other times, a big change can dramatically enhance the bottom line. We’re here to ensure your experience with our tools fits your organization just right.


In 2023, we've been validating new designs for Access Requests, Certifications, CPAM and more to ensure that the experience we release fits our customers' needs.


Step Three: The Reveal

Our last step in tailoring a fine identity security experience is revealing the final design. Every detail gets one last look to make sure that the specs align perfectly with what our customers deserve, and it gets packaged for production.

This is where all of the feedback we’ve gathered gets unveiled and delivered to our developers and engineers. The measurements, the style preferences, the color codes, the final nips and tucks—we hand it all off in the form of customer-approved, data-driven designs that directly impact what we release. Because when you slip on the Saviynt experience, we don’t just want it to be tolerable. We want it to feel and look so good, you look forward to using it every time.

Try Us On for Size

We’re a small UX team that interacts with many customers, but there’s always room for more. So, if you have ideas, come on in and share them in the Saviynt Ideas Portal. Want to inspire us so that you can look your identity security best? Then join our UX Research Panel so that we can invite you to participate in user testing and workshops. Either way, we’re ready to make your experience look and feel great.

What’s next? Now that you know the team, what we’re working on and how we tailor the experience, we’re bringing it all together for you. Starting with our next blog in November 2023, we’re going to take some case-study style deep dives into our major initiatives, so that you can see how we’re overhauling our most used features.


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