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Saviynt Named the Only Visionary in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for PAM

Author: Yash Prakash

Date: 07/22/2022

Cloud Optimization, Ease of Use, and IGA Leadership Set Saviynt Apart

It’s not always easy disrupting the status quo. It takes a lot of effort, persistence, and teamwork to move the needle from “vision” to a Visionary. Today, Saviynt achieved that milestone: we’ve been recognized as the only Visionary in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management (PAM).

When Saviynt launched Cloud Privileged Access Management (CPAM) in 2019, our vision was to address entitlements and permissions in the cloud. The standard PAM approach was rooted in traditional ideas about data center infrastructure — we knew this model wouldn’t be scalable for the dynamic cloud workloads of the future.

A Vision Years in the Making

Five years ago, we predicted that the transient nature of the cloud would become one of the biggest challenges for PAM solutions. Critical assets have certainly changed. Workloads can be spun up and down within days or hours. Admins connect to the cloud in multiple ways to perform privileged activities. Each of these new access points creates a new risk that organizations need to manage and monitor.

Saviynt CPAM goes beyond the traditional password vault and instead grants elevated access to a user on an as-needed, just-in-time basis. Built upon our industry-leading converged cloud identity platform, Saviynt Cloud PAM simplifies user experience through an intuitive wizard that allows organizations to onboard on-prem and SaaS applications, select pre-loaded account rules and policies, and request time-bound privileged access or role-based elevation.

We’ve also expanded traditional PAM functionality by building in Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM) and Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM). As a result, Saviynt CPAM discovers privileged accounts, workloads, and entitlements in real time — and continuously monitors for identity risks.

Rather than bringing every element of infrastructure-based PAM to the cloud, we set about solving the root problem: privileged access sprawl and standing privileged accounts in the high-risk, high-speed world of the cloud. Our solution equips organizations to achieve zero standing privilege, meet Zero-Trust objectives, and take on future risk.

We approached PAM with the same passion that drove us to create the world’s first SaaS-based identity governance & access (IGA) product. The resulting cloud-first PAM product vastly simplifies security for enterprises across the globe, bringing unparalleled scale and mobility to the PAM market.

A Tradition of Innovation

In today’s modern IT ecosystem, organizations are often forced to choose numerous platforms for cloud security services, access management, privileged user access, and comprehensive governance. The inherent complexity leads to fragmented access and inconsistent policies, weakening the overall security posture.


Saviynt envisioned a better way: a cloud platform converging multiple products and use cases into one. This approach could modernize today’s identity solutions — and flex to meet the emerging challenges of tomorrow.

“Saviynt has come a long way as a converged player,” says Vibhuti Sinha, Chief Product Officer at Saviynt. “PAM and IGA are traditionally the most challenging of the identity and access management capabilities. The recognition of both our IGA and PAM solutions confirms that our cloud-first approach to PAM is significantly more in line with what is needed today.”

The Power of Convergence

What began as restlessness with the status quo became an industry-shaping reality in 2021 with Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC): our full-featured, no-compromise, converged solution.

EIC is the culmination of our vision — and the only cloud-native, FedRAMP-authorized platform that merges IGA, CPAM, Application Access Governance, Third-Party Access Governance, and Data Access Governance onto a single unified platform. While other solutions can meet some of today’s identity challenges, EIC is uniquely positioned to address complex risks for every identity and app across the enterprise, whether on-prem or in the cloud.

Today, the world’s largest organizations rely on Saviynt to solve their toughest security and compliance challenges. As the highest-rated IGA solution on the market — and now the only Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for PAM — our appetite for innovation continues to earn top marks and inspire loyalty.

In our next blog, we’ll dive into market insights from the report and explore how our modern, converged identity solution can help move businesses of all sizes forward into the future.


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