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Saviynt Employee Spotlight: Niranjan Patil

Author: Lorrie Cowan

Date: 06/13/2022


What’s the secret to solving the world’s toughest security challenges? Our people. At Saviynt, we believe in seeking out innovators who are ready to grow personally and professionally, disrupt the industry status quo, and build revolutionary identity solutions.

Each month in our ongoing Employee Spotlight series, we’ll introduce you to the inspirational people in our fast-growing global team who are changing the game — and having fun while doing it.

Meet Niranjan Patil

This Cricket champ and world traveler burst on the scene at Saviynt in 2018 after finishing his master’s degree at the University of Southern California.

As a Senior Software Engineer, Niranjan’s resilience, energy, and curiosity are integral to revolutionizing the Saviynt product line. Each and every day, Niranjan brings his extensive software development knowledge to bear in researching, innovating, and collaborating with the SoD Scrum and Product teams.


What brought you to Saviynt? What do you love about the work you do?

When I discovered the impact Saviynt was having on the outside market, I knew it would help me grow in both the Identity Access Management and Software Development fields. As I’ve immersed myself in improving product design, solving daily issues for the customers, and helping my team implement the application, Saviynt’s fast-paced work environment has helped me evolve and get better at finishing the job fast. And getting to work with product executives has given me real confidence that still motivates me every morning.


Enjoying nature and colorful trees at Fort Collins, Colorado

What goals are you working toward professionally? What skills have you gained this year at Saviynt?

With a rapidly growing product, it’s necessary to be aware of all the new technologies in the market. I frequently join webinars and read research papers to keep myself updated with the ongoing technological innovations and hone my design and management skills. I also use Saviynt’s LinkedIn Learning resources to improve my technical skill sets and become more knowledgeable about the product.


Getting my first scuba lesson in Hawaii

How did you adapt to the extra work-related stresses of the pandemic? 

The pandemic was a challenge. Since I was a kid, I participated in a lot of outside activities like playing sports, traveling to different cities, exploring nature, and much more. So I liked getting out and going to the office every day to work with my colleagues face-to-face — no virtual meetings needed. 

When everything was shut down, work-related stress and pressure started to pick up. To overcome this, I started to confine my work hours and allow some gaps in between to balance my office work and my personal chores. I did enjoy cooking food at home and learning new recipes. After a few months of the pandemic, I also started participating in Cricket tournaments (with certain restrictions of course) and that kept me going.


When I got the Man of the Match award from my team captain

In an increasingly remote workplace, what advice do you have on making video calls/virtual meetings more effective?

While scheduling any video calls or virtual meetings, I think time is an essential thing to think about: your time and the time of all the people involved in that meeting. Often, people have to reschedule their other priorities to join a meeting. So if a session runs long or gets delayed, it can contribute to group burnout. 

Before starting or scheduling a call, it’s a good practice to give an overview of the discussion in the memo of the calendar invite or in an email to make sure everyone is ready with all the information needed. This results in quicker calls that end earlier and save everyone’s time.


Exploring one of the most northern parts of the world.

What honors, awards or commendations have you won recently from your work or personal life?

Although the pandemic was challenging, my manager recognized my team’s achievements, and this reinforcement gave me the confidence to keep moving forward and to keep enjoying the work. 

A few months back, I was also noticed by Saviynt executives and awarded with “Employee of the Month” for going above and beyond to help a customer achieve their goal. 

Last but not least, Cricket has been my hobby since I was a kid, and I still try to participate in many tournaments played near LA county. During a recent match, I performed well with my batting and bowling, which got my team into the tournament Semi-Final. I was named  “Man of the Match” award by my team captain.


Returning to my team's dugout after winning the cricket match.

At Saviynt, we’re shaking up the industry with the world’s leading enterprise cloud-based IGA platform. There’s no limit to what you can achieve, how far you can grow — or how much fun you’ll have along the way.  Join the adventure!


Visiting Mt. Rushmore, SD, during Saviynt's "ON" Day


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