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Saviynt Employee Spotlight: Feral Patel

Author: Lorrie Cowan

Date: 02/07/2022


At Saviynt, our customers are multifaceted, coming from many different countries and many different industry sectors – healthcare, oil and gas, educational institutions, and more. That’s why, when supporting governance and security solutions for each customer, it’s imperative to maintain efficient communication and collaboration throughout the customer lifecycle.

To help large companies transform their identity programs to protect their people, assets, and infrastructure in the cloud era, Saviynt has built a global team of passionate and dedicated people – and a positive, supportive workplace to make it all happen. In our ongoing Employee Spotlight series, we introduce you to the people building the most innovative cloud identity and access governance platform on the market.


Meet Feral Patel

Feral is an Engineer in our Support Operations department and has worked for Saviynt since 2019. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, she works directly with customers and collaborates across teams to create solutions for their unique needs. When she is not working, Feral enjoys traveling, hiking, and reading blogs on lifestyle and technology.

Tell us a little bit about what you do each day at Saviynt.

I’m an Engineer in Support Operations for the Northeastern United States. I work with our customers directly to understand their requirements as well as bring resolution to the issues they are facing. My work at Saviynt is multifaceted; it involves collaboration with different teams, such as Infrastructure, Engineering, Product Management, and our Development team, to address our customers’ requirements. Our customers come from various countries and sectors – healthcare, oil and gas, educational institutions, and more. Since each client’s needs are different, I research and gather information tailored to each one. 

Then I work with our technical teams to create the solution, whether it requires a change in the code or low/no-code configuration.. Every day, the challenges are different, and meeting those challenges has helped me grow exponentially. The process expands my knowledge of the product as well as my problem-solving abilities. Through my role, I’ve learned to communicate more effectively, providing suggestions and recommendations in a concise and productive way.


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

When I chose Computer Science as a major, I always knew that every day would be as adventurous as any hiking trail. I chose Identity Governance and Administration because it’s an industry that is growing. I knew I would get many opportunities to explore and learn.

As a product-based company, Saviynt is constantly introducing new features and enhancements. There is always more to learn and offer our customers.


Saviynt also recognizes excellence. Being praised for a job well done — and believing in the work I do — motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. I like knowing that I’m appreciated, because I give every challenge my level best. I also like knowing that the work I’m doing produces results that matter to people everywhere. I want to keep growing in my field and, one day, take on a management role to make my parents proud.

What do you do when you aren’t working at Saviynt?

When I am not working, I like to travel. When we were kids, my dad used to take us to various fun destinations on weekends and even on weekdays after we completed our homework. I have now been to almost 20 states in the US. When I’m in a new place, I love exploring and trying out the local food. It’s such a rejuvenating experience meeting new people and learning about other lifestyles. I also love hiking; I go to nearby hiking spots with my friends to hike or bike on weekends. I feel like it prepares me for a better upcoming week at work. 

Apart from that, I read blogs on lifestyle and technology — and love to keep up with the latest trends in the world. Also, I like to binge-watch series, especially sci-fi, sitcoms, and comedy.

What brought you to Saviynt?

I graduated from New York Tech, Manhattan, with a degree in Computer Science. During my time there, I took a lot of fascinating courses on cybersecurity. When I graduated and started looking for a job, I heard about Saviynt and I looked at the job postings. I applied for an IAM Engineer position through a reference I interviewed with the people who would either be my team leads or team members, so I got a good sense of the team culture. I love the openness and accessibility to all the resources at Saviynt. The culture makes our job much easier in a lot of ways.

What’s your favorite part about working here?

The best part about working at Saviynt is the acknowledgment I get for everything I do. I get to work with many experienced people in the IGA and IAM industry. Working with these experts allows me to learn and helps me get through so many challenges I encounter in my day-to-day life at work. It inspires me to do even better.

And the best thing about working at Saviynt is that everyone is always ready to help no matter what. The more you ask, the more you will learn! It is very motivational. Someday, I hope to become someone who can answer questions for my team members and colleagues from other teams.

How has Saviynt challenged you to become better at what you do?

Saviynt is the very first job of my professional career. The growth I have had in the last two years working with Saviynt has made me a very confident and independent person. No day at Saviynt is the same, and I constantly get to experience something new and exciting. Customers always ask unique questions, which keeps me on my toes. Staying up to date on the product knowledge and resources to provide accurate responses requires that I never stop learning. There is so much documentation, links, and training videos which can be referenced about different modules of Saviynt. These all have helped me grow personally and professionally. 

How has Saviynt impacted your life and career?

I was always nervous about speaking in front of a crowd, but interacting with customers every day puts me in the spotlight. During my time at Saviynt, I have become a confident public speaker. I have also learned to approach issues from different angles to provide the best solution for that particular use case. In many aspects, I have grown in my career and my experience has even affected my personal life as well. Even my family acknowledges the growth I have made in the past couple of years. And that’s the most rewarding of all.

Feral with some of her Saviynt colleagues.
What would you say to someone who is considering working at Saviynt?

Saviynt is a great place to be. Working at Saviynt in your early career prepares you for your future jobs. You will need to work hard initially, but you will get the benefits later. There are so many groups for various types of discussions, whether technical or general. When you reach out for information or collaboration, everyone is always happy to help. You will also get recognized for even your small achievements, which will motivate you to do even better. What is better than having the CEO himself answer your question? It shows that people care for everyone around them.

What are you most proud of in your time working at Saviynt?

I was a recent college graduate when Saviynt hired me. As a new employee, I used to ask a lot of questions. Today, I can guide and help all the new employees coming in. It is satisfying to give the Saviynt community back some of the support I received when I was new. Being a fresh graduate, right from college to being what I am today, I owe that success to Saviynt.



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