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Saviynt Employee Spotlight: Amit Krishnajit

Author: MJ Kaufmann

Date: 06/03/2021

In a post-pandemic world, the focus on the workplace experience and culture is stronger than ever. As workers, we realized that a healthy culture and confidence in your company’s mission are critically important to our performance and overall satisfaction. Many organizations realized something that we here at Saviynt have known all along: the strength of your company relies on your people.

Sure, Saviynt is building innovative identity and security solutions to help the world’s largest companies securely transform their business. Yes, we are committed to solving the toughest security challenges in record time. But we know we can’t do that without our people. Saviynt is fortunate to have a global group of dedicated and passionate innovators devoted to creating game-changing technology, and we’d like to introduce you to them.

Meet Amit Krishnajit

Amit Krishnajit is a Technical Lead with the Professional Service team and has worked with Saviynt since 2018. He works with partners and customers after the purchase to customize their IGA solution to meet business needs and work within their IT environment. He strives to help customers embrace best practices and hit the ground running from day one. 

When not at work, Amit loves spending time with his family and friends. He also enjoys watching movies, short films, and listening to music – mostly Bollywood music and songs from the 90s. We took a few minutes to talk with Amit about his role at Saviynt, what he enjoys about work, and how he’s making an impact every day for our enterprise customers.

Amit Krishnajit: Technical Lead, Professional Services team, Saviynt
What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Each day I look forward to solving a new customer challenge. Sometimes they are easy and, at times, they can be quite difficult. But having these new challenges every day is what keeps me going. I find it most rewarding when I have helped solve a problem or learned something new.

For example, the latest version of our product works using a microservices framework. Transitioning to this model was an excellent opportunity to learn. I became aware of how microservices work, how it will help, and the advantages this approach presents to our customers.

What is your role at Saviynt, and what does an average day look like? 

As a part of the Professional Service team, I primarily work with partners and customers to implement IGA solutions and help them achieve maximum value from Saviynt. I frequently answer questions from our customers and partners, guiding them towards the right solution. For example,  when training the new customers on the product, they require help setting up their own local environment – which provides learning opportunities about specific functionalities on the Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud.  

As a Technical Lead, I am also a resource for many colleagues. When they have questions, I am often the first person they turn to. Suppose I have worked on similar scenarios or know a workaround solution. In that case, I take the time to respond to them and help them solve their use cases. I also let them know about any potential issues they may encounter along the way. We regularly discuss enterprise use cases within the team so that we can help our customers navigate their IGA journey.

What are some challenges that you have enjoyed working at Saviynt?

Recently, a customer had a very complex requirement for their legacy mainframe applications. They wanted to provision multiple accounts for multiple targets, each with a different configuration based on a single request submitted by the end-user. We did several brainstorming sessions to solve this because there is no built-in feature to manage this use case (at least not yet). Finally, we arrived at a custom solution. I proposed the solution to the customer, and we developed a proof-of-concept (POC), which is currently in the testing phase.

What brought you to Saviynt?

My colleague Rajesh Gaddam and I had worked together at a previous company (Infosys), and he reached out about the opening at Saviynt. There he was always a great mentor to me. It was my first job, and Rajesh was a seasoned solution architect. He had a very positive impact on me from the very beginning, and always provided me with valuable guidance. He was the single strongest motivating factor for me to join Saviynt.

Another key factor in my decision was the growth of the company. At the time, Saviynt quickly picked up significant market share and gained recognition in the IAM world for being an innovator – which was another driving factor. I love working for fast-growing and innovative companies that think outside of the box.

How has Saviynt impacted your life and career?

Saviynt has helped me grow – both personally and professionally. By letting me take the lead on my work, it allows me to decide the way I want to approach problems and solve them. This has honed my critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Saviynt also has a supportive culture that is solutions-centered. If we make mistakes or make the wrong choice in a situation, we, as a team, learn from it. We focus on the solution rather than placing blame.

Additionally, I have learned how to manage my time when engaged in multiple projects. Because we always have multiple projects going on at once, much of which has to be delivered simultaneously, I have learned how to prioritize both my time and energy.

How has Saviynt helped you to adapt to the current global health issue?

One of the skills I’ve gained at Saviynt that has really helped me with the pandemic is the ability to focus on finding a solution rather than complaining about the problem. At Saviynt, when we discover an issue, we know it will take time to fix it. Instead of waiting for the fix, we focus on finding a workaround solution that will achieve the same result – and allow things to keep moving forward while the permanent fix is being completed.

This is quite similar to how I’m approaching the current pandemic — finding a vaccine is a fix for the problem. But, while waiting for the vaccine, the workaround solution is to stay safe at home, keep your hands clean, and always wear a mask when you go outside the house.


What are you most proud of in your time working at Saviynt?

I am proud of how people collaborate to overcome challenges. We all work to find time from our super busy schedules to help each other. For example, we recently handled a complex customer user onboarding use case that required working closely with the partner creating user forms in Saviynt. There was a lot of coordination between teams to make this happen. The customer was moving from eight different legacy forms to Saviynt with the goal of having all the forms integrated. This meant that instead of looking through multiple places, they would be available on a single platform. All the different users, feeding in from these forms, can now be created in Saviynt rather than the end-users or helpdesk users having to hunt through dashboards and access many different portals.

What are you most excited about as you look toward your future with Saviynt?

I’m always excited about the new challenges, opportunities, and experiences ahead of us as the product evolves and the company continues to grow. As for a specific challenge or opportunity that I see on the horizon, I think I am most excited about the career opportunities around our Cloud Privileged Access Management (CPAM) solution. It’s a truly unique product that has the ability to change the way companies manage privileged access. Since launching the product, I have gained a deeper understanding of how IGA and CPAM work hand in hand – and the role of governance in privileged access. 

What would you say to someone who is considering working at Saviynt? 

If you are a passionate person and you’re interested in a dynamic environment meeting the ever-evolving needs of business – this is the place to be. Saviynt is solving cybersecurity and compliance issues in the face of a shifting threat and regulatory landscape at a rapid speed.


With the evolving product we introduce new functionality or enhance the existing functionality quite frequently. So you need to be flexible, agile, and willing to learn. You’ll also need to listen actively to our customers to understand how you can serve them best. With cutting-edge technology, we can sometimes get stuck on issues and have no idea what to do next. So be ready to think out of the box, accept the challenge, and bring your best self to work each day.


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