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Reduce Access Termination and Succession Management Risk

Author: Kyle Benson

Date: 03/29/2023

Stop Inappropriate Access and Gain Complete Control of Exposure with Saviynt’s Converged Identity Platform

In this series, we’ve unearthed a few hard truths about the limits of legacy Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) systems:

  1. They lack integration capabilities.
  2. Customization is costly. 
  3. They don’t scale. 
  4. They’re pretty hard to manage. 

There’s one more missing component: legacy IGA can’t manage the explosion of third-party identities—some human, some machine, some employees, some not—critical to business as usual and need access to your sensitive systems and data. 

As more and more companies move to cloud-based IGA, they’re looking for tools that will solve the headache of managing not just internal employees, but also vendors, seasonal employees, bots, and “nth” parties (partners that have access to you through your third parties). At the same time, they don’t want a pile of disparate point solutions disguised as a single platform. Three-quarters want to simplify and that means reducing the number of vendors they do business with. The convergence of IAM technologies is the new reality.

Earlier, I explored how Saviynt Third-Party Access Governance (TPAG) and IGA help you govern your entire workforce, and how end-to-end lifecycle monitoring of third-party users saves your IAM teams from burnout. But what about when the lifecycle comes to an end? Saviynt Third Party Access Governance (TPAG) and IGA have a comprehensive suite of features that help you effectively terminate access and manage succession. Together with all the products in our converged platform, you can gain a holistic understanding of your exposure. 

Seamless Access Termination With Identity Governance + TPAG

When internal employees leave, IGA systems ensure you don’t end up with orphaned accounts that no one is responsible for. TPAG systems bring similar governance to the growing array of third-party relationships. When a manager changes roles, a project is done, or you’re terminating a vendor, access should course correct without requiring hours of manual intervention.

Protect User Accounts With Succession Management

While spreadsheets and collaboration tools may have once helped you inventory and provision vendors and users, these outdated processes don’t do well for governance, access reviews, certifications, and time-based de-provisioning to ensure continuous compliance. You need a solution that can automatically review access, shift users from one manager to another, no matter how relationships change.




Saviynt TPAG delegated administration model helps prepare potential successors for key roles within an organization, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership that minimizes disruptions to business operations. If an administrator leaves your company, Saviynt can automatically assign their duties to someone else, so you don’t have to worry about who’s in charge. Continuous automated monitoring of access reviews and certifications over time can take care of terminating third-party users so you don’t have to.  

Protect Sensitive Data With Role-Based Access Rights

Saviynt’s IGA provides Role-Based Access Management (RBAC) bring a comprehensive suite of identity and access management capabilities.

  1. Role Lifecycle Management allows administrators to create, manage, and revoke roles within the organization. Administrators can define the role’s access policies, permissions, and entitlements to meet their organization’s security and compliance requirements.
  2. Role Mining helps organizations identify and define roles within the organization by analyzing user access patterns and identifying common access patterns that can be mapped to roles.
  3. Role Analytics provides insights into the effectiveness of RBAC policies by analyzing access patterns, identifying potential risks, and providing recommendations to improve the security posture.R

These features allow organizations to streamline their access governance processes—and efficiently navigate complex merger and acquisition scenarios that impact the structure, hierarchy, and roles within an organization. 

Smarter Identity Governance With Saviynt Control Center 

Administrators also need a unified view of their organization’s access governance activities. Rather than obscuring your view with multiple solutions, Saviynt Control Center delivers a centralized dashboard that enables admins to see and manage user access across all systems and applications. With advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, you can track and identify potential security risks.  Automated access review, certification, and revocation of entitlements can be triggered across all integrated systems and applications, making it easier to identify and remove residual access after the termination process is complete.

Or, because business is never predictable, let’s say a contractor whose job is complete, leaves and then is re-contracted for another project. Saviynt allows for quick re-onboarding by automatically creating user accounts and granting access to necessary applications and systems. This significantly reducse the time and effort required to onboard a user, ensuring that the contractor can quickly get back to work on the new project.

Every Identity Governance Capability In One Platform 

Everyone needs IGA capabilities to manage internal employees. But as our reliance on third-party relationships increases, the ability to converge IGA with TPAG is a critical advantage.

Saviynt IGA delivers a low code/no code configuration that requires no professional services to get up and running. It’s simple for standard users to get appropriate access, easy to configure, and reduces the workload for IT admins to operate. With Saviynt intelligent access governance for employees, third parties & machines, you can:

  • Improve security insights by exchanging risk data with third-party solutions, such as SIEM, UEBA and vulnerability scanning tools.
  • Eradicate standing privilege and establish governance from day one
  • Align security policies across apps, devices, and operating platforms
  • Aggregate identity and access information from any SAP or non-SAP application across your enterprise.
  • Enable zero trust with risk-based governance for EVERY identity

As demands grow, Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) allows you to turn on additional features, including Cloud Privileged Access Management (CPAM), and Application Access Governance (AAG). Unifying enterprise-grade CloudPAM, AAG, TPAG and IGA gives you the power to manage standard and privileged access and deliver one consistent user experience, all under one roof. 

If your current identity and access management strategies aren’t lining up with what you actually need to protect your sensitive data and remove risk from business relationships, it’s time to modernize your identity governance. Saviynt can help you centralize, simplify, and control access—no matter how your business changes.




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