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Protect Vault Investments With Saviynt’s Bring-Your-Own-Vault Framework

Author: Maggie White

Date: 11/10/2022

Get More From Existing Technology Investments, Secure Stored Credentials More Effectively, and Optimize PAM Vaults by Supporting Modern Use Cases.

When it comes to “Bringing Your Own,” most people have heard of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and certainly the original Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB). There’s also the little-known BYOH (Bring Your Own Horse) and BYOT (Bring Your Own Tent) which is logically accompanied by BYOSB (Bring Your Own Sleeping Bag). Bring these things to your next camping trip, and you’re sure to have a good time. 

The “Bring Your Own” approach also has advantages when applied to identity. It enables companies to keep their investments in vaulting technology and the custom coding that goes with it while also modernizing their systems to meet today’s demands. At Saviynt, we’ve been enabling customers to bring their own forms, widgets, apps, and workflows into our Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) platform for some time now. With our EIC v2022 release, Saviynt’s “Bring Your Own Vault” (BYOV) allows customers to integrate Saviynt’s EIC platform into existing vault technologies. This functionality enables customers to vault credentials and secrets used in Saviynt connectors when the customer is connecting an application or endpoint to EIC. The BYOV capability is an expansion of Saviynt Exchange, which was released in June 2022. 

Saviynt Exchange extends the connectivity of EIC to more than 100 applications and enterprise IT technologies. Saviynt IGA customers, for example, can leverage BYOV to securely store credentials and secrets, leveraging the technologies they already have and avoiding having to re-tool the approved and certified processes that go along with them.

Integrate Saviynt Cloud Privileged Access Management With Any Vault

As part of our v2022 EIC Release, Saviynt’s Bring-Your-Own-Vault (BYOV) feature allows organizations to protect and leverage their investments in vaulting technologies and the customizations they’ve made. BYOV enables customers to integrate Saviynt Cloud Privileged Access Management (CPAM) with any vault and continue to use all our CPAM features. The seamless integration with CPAM allows users to leverage all EIC platform features and uses the Saviynt extensible connector framework to store secrets and passwords. The vault connector can be integrated with other connectors that Saviynt supports to manage application secrets from a vault application for importing and provisioning data and for performing privileged access management.

Safely Store and Access Secrets With Zero Impact on Existing Integrated Systems

Here’s how it works. The BYOV feature enables customers to integrate Saviynt’s EIC platform into existing vault technologies. Saviynt IGA customers with legacy vaults and secrets management systems can more securely store these credentials and avoid having to re-tool the approved and certified processes that go along with them.


Safely store and access secrets with zero impact on existing integrated systems with Saviynt BYOV.

From there, customers can turbocharge their PAM program by making just-in-time privilege elevation a reality within infrastructure, clouds and applications. Saviynt’s intuitive platform enables organizations to quickly onboard applications and create role-based access rules. By leveraging BYOV with Saviynt Cloud PAM, customers can maximize existing investments, avoid lengthy migrations, and accelerate adoption of modern PAM capabilities. 

Saviynt BYOV is available for any vault product on the market. Customers can build their own vault connector using the BYOV framework. The BYOV framework complements the out-of-the-box vault connectors that Saviynt provides for HashiCorp, CyberArk, and Fortanix vaults.

Saviynt Cloud PAM Security Enhancements

To ensure our customers continue to have the most secure experience within our platform, the 2022 release also includes the following security enhancements:

Account Access Control

Enforce principles of least privilege and reduce SoD violations or insider threat risk by limiting visibility of available credentials. Users can only see credentials to which they are specifically provisioned.  

Service Account Management

Improve Windows Service Account Management and rotation for services, task schedulers and COM+ Objects. This gives customers end-to-end protection of privileged credentials across Windows endpoints. Remove manual tedious activities of admins and avoid human errors. This allows you to reduce the attack surface by leaving no credential unmanaged. 

Password Reconciliation

Leverage Saviynt’s connector framework to store the secrets and passwords in any existing vault technology the customer may have. Ensure that any backdoor accounts or malicious attempts at creating one are detected and remediated. Customers can feel secure knowing that users cannot circumvent the PAM solution.

Saviynt Cloud PAM User Experience Enhancements

At Saviynt, we strive to make our platform more intuitive and easy to operate. Here are a few Cloud PAM useability highlights:

Easy Onboarding Made Even Easier

New PAM onboarding templates and integration with Saviynt Application Onboarding reduce the need for coding. Pre-configured best practice configurations are included out-of-the-box with continuous enhancements via Saviynt Exchange. An intuitive interface requires less technical knowledge to implement. 

Simplified Session Requests

Our simplified session requests allow for a single request to be made for an account to access multiple systems, which provides secure access while simplifying the user experience. Session recording is captured for governance and compliance purposes.

Saviynt is dedicated to bringing security and business efficiency to our customers’ digital initiatives. With the expansion of Bring Your Own Vault capabilities to Saviynt Exchange, customers can expand governance and management of their vault investments without introducing new process friction. 

With Saviynt, you can secure and accelerate your digital transformation with our easy-to-deploy Cloud PAM solution to bring “just-in-time” to modern use cases and manage existing vaults while you transition.

For a roundup of all of the enhancements in the EIC v2022 release, check out our blogs on EIC v2022 release overviewapplication onboarding, and duplicate identity management.  Or, read the release notes (requires Documentation Portal log in).

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