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Manage Complete Identity Lifecycle and Eliminate Unused Access throughout AWS Environments

Author: Kevin Alexandra

Date: 06/11/2024


In today’s cloud-centric world, managing identities securely and efficiently is crucial. As organizations increasingly adopt multi-cloud strategies, handling identities and access becomes more complex and time consuming. Strengthening identity lifecycle management limits enterprise risk caused by misconfigurations, maintaining compliance, and other issues, while also increasing operational efficiency.

To address this challenge, Saviynt’s Identity Cloud now integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) IAM Identity Center & AWS IAM Access Analyzer. These integrations empower enterprises to solve these critical challenges:

  • Identity lifecycle management & governance of all AWS IAM Identity Center administered identities across multiple AWS accounts
  • Accelerate rollout of AWS IAM Identity Center with group entitlement governance
  • Provide secure privileged Just-in-time (JIT) access to AWS IAM Identity Center
  • Automatically remediate unused or excessive access with entitlement clipping of IAM Roles
  • Governance of external guest identities, machine identities and federated identities accessing AWS infrastructure
  • Provide intelligence & visualization of risky access of all AWS IAM Identity Center managed identities

Attendees at AWS re:Inforce on June 11-12 in Philadelphia can also get a first look at this new integration at Saviynt’s Booth #123.

Saviynt’s Integration with AWS IAM Identity Center 

For customers with a significant AWS deployment, AWS IAM Identity Center is the recommended centralized platform to manage user identities, access policies, and permissions across various AWS accounts. It simplifies identity and access management tasks across your AWS services and applications like user provisioning and policy enforcement, streamlines the user experience with single sign-on (SSO), and offers advanced security controls such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and fine-grained access controls.      

For example, if a new S3 bucket is created, the team managing it can create roles and add the relevant permissions to those roles which controls which users get granted access. This ensures uniform access controls across all AWS accounts, aiding compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating comprehensive auditability through centralized logging and monitoring. 

Managing the identity lifecycle across an AWS footprint manually is a time-consuming and often an error prone task as technical jargon can be hard to decipher. By simplifying these access controls, it enables IT teams & access approvers to focus on more strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down with manual IAM tasks. This integration is not just about improving operational efficiency; it also strengthens the overall security posture by ensuring that access policies are consistently applied and monitored across all AWS environments.

Why AWS IAM Identity Center?

Saviynt’s Identity Cloud now works with AWS IAM Identity Center to centrally manage local identities and federated access, across multiple AWS accounts, from within Saviynt Control Center. This integration simplifies identity management for enterprise customers by providing a consolidated view of the identities used across all managed cloud and application environments. This reduces the complexity of managing the growing sprawl of IAM roles and policies, enabling faster, more efficient operations. Leveraging advanced security features and consistent policy enforcement enhances compliance and protects sensitive data. 

Saviynt integrates with various HR authoritative sources and Identity Providers to bring unparalleled granular visibility into a user’s access to various AWS resources via direct / local or federated access. Furthermore Saviynt ensures least privilege access at all times by automating joiner-mover-leaver provisioning changes using RBAC or ABAC policies. 

By integrating Saviynt with AWS IAM Identity Center, organizations can automate many of their identity management processes, thus reducing the risk of human error. The integration supports the import of AWS IAM Identity Center objects like users, permission sets and groups into Saviynt, providing a unified location for administrators to view, and manage identities and access. This centralized approach helps in maintaining a clean, streamlined, and compliant access management framework. For sensitive access to Identity Center, Saviynt deploys zero standing accounts and access to reduce the blast radius and automates just-in-time just-enough access to critical infrastructure.

“This integration is a game-changer for organizations looking to streamline their identity and access management processes or those looking to take it to the next level. It not only simplifies the operational aspects of IAM in cloud workloads, but also strengthens the security framework with least privilege and zero standing access best practices.”  Amit Saha - CoFounder & Chief Growth Officer

Integration with AWS IAM Access Analyzer

AWS IAM Access Analyzer helps organizations identify and mitigate unintended public or cross-account access to their AWS resources by analyzing access control policies. It enhances security by providing actionable insights, ensuring that only the intended entities have access, and aiding in compliance with organizational policies and regulations.

Saviynt Identity Cloud integrates with AWS IAM Access Analyzer to uniquely provide valuable insights into past data for unused access, allowing organizations to analyze usage trends and make informed decisions. It ensures users have just enough privilege, continuously monitors and validates policies, and provides a dashboard view with actionable insights for improved compliance control.

 Click here to read more about Saviynt’s AWS Access Analyzer integration

Technical Capabilities

The technical backbone of this integration lies in its ability to import AWS IAM Identity Center objects (e.g. users, groups and individual permissions) and to then cross reference these with objects imported from AWS IAM Access Analyzer. This combination facilitates centralized management by automating operations for creating, updating, and deleting user accounts & associated permissions. Such capabilities are crucial for large enterprises that deal with frequent changes in user roles and access requirements.  

For example, end users can request privileged access to AWS resources through Saviynt, which then provisions the necessary permissions in AWS IAM Identity Center, whether for temporary (time-bound) access or long-term assignments. This flexibility allows organizations to maintain least privilege principles and ensure that users only have access to what they need when they need it.

The integration also empowers security leaders to enforce more stringent access controls without increasing the workload on their teams. By automating routine IAM tasks, organizations can ensure that security policies are consistently applied and monitored, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches. This not only enhances the security posture but also builds a strong foundation for compliance with industry regulations and standards.


Saviynt’s integration with AWS IAM Identity Center & with AWS IAM Access Analyzer represents a significant advancement in identity governance and administration (IGA), privileged access & cloud security posture for enterprise customers. This collaboration helps organizations achieve greater control, security, and efficiency in managing identities and access across AWS environments, as well as other cloud providers. 

Learn more about enhancing your identity management strategy with Saviynt and AWS IAM Identity Center & AWS IAM Access Analyzer. Visit us or book a meeting at AWS re:Inforce on June 11-12 in Philadelphia (Booth #123), or contact your account team for a demo.

Kevin Alexandra, Senior Director Technology Partnerships at Saviynt


Create a Privileged Access to IAM Identity Center

Request time-bound access to IAM Identity Center

Select IAM Identity Center as an application you wish to access & manage


Select the type of access based on groups or entitlements, and for how long


Full list of AWS Identity Center entitlements available to view


See a history of all requests made to Identity Center



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