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Gain Peace of Mind with Emergency Access Management & Out-of-the-Box Compliance Reporting

Author: Kyle Benson

Date: 06/09/2022

Feeling Overwhelmed by Expanding Risks and Regulations? Minimize Threats and Simplify Audits With AAG

A first-century historian once observed that the mighty Roman empire grew from humble beginnings to become “overwhelmed by its own greatness.” If you’re a compliance officer living in 2022, you might relate. Attack surfaces are expanding faster than the ability to defend them.

Digital transformation has brought astounding progress — and record-setting breaches. Last year, one-third of all application hacks were due to unauthorized access from default, shared, or stolen credentials. By 2023, Gartner predicts that 75% of all security failures will be attributed to the inadequate management of identities, access, and privileges. So if your organization has had some not-so-great audit findings or access-related violations in the past year — you’re not alone.


In our 
second blog in this series, we showed you how Saviynt’s Application Access Governance (AAG) tool eases the burden on security teams with fine-grained Separation of Duties (SoD) controls and a library of pre-loaded rulesets. In our third blog, we looked closer at how AAG simplifies compliance with cross-application checks — all from one pane of glass. 

In this final installment, we’ll get hands-on with emergency access and out-of-the-box reporting to fast-track the provisioning process and keep you compliant for the long haul.

Fast, Secure Emergency Access 

Emergency access is called “emergency” for a reason. When users request elevated or ‘firefighter’ permissions to critical resources and sensitive data, time is of the essence. How quickly can your security teams gather all the information they need to provide privileged access to an application? How many people are involved in providing the information? When the work is completed, are you immediately de-provisioning privileged sessions?

To avoid chokepoints and ensure smooth audits, admins need a solution that rapidly enables real-time emergency access with a clear line of sight into what users are doing with that access — and the ability to raise the drawbridge fast when users perform unauthorized activities.

With AAG Emergency Access Management and Log Reviews, emergency capabilities can be added as a role with existing credentials or as a customized ID. With either access type, AAG automatically monitors sessions and immediately revokes access as needed. 

Emergency access can also be time-bound and customized to automatically expire when the session is over, eliminating standing privileges or orphaned identities.

Watch Video

 Demo 1: Provide emergency access, monitor actions, and remove access quickly with Saviynt

Usage Analytics And Hassle-free Compliance Reporting 

How many times each year do you have to audit the same access controls for different compliance regulations? How many different solutions do you need to make sure those controls work — and how much time and money is that costing you?

Most Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) technologies can assist with compliance requirements for only certain critical apps. If you have multiple regulations to meet across multiple applications, integrating application governance with an IDM platform becomes complex, burdensome and time-intensive. With Saviynt’s out-of-the-box compliance reporting, your security teams can vastly simplify the compliance review and management process.

With Usage Analytics, you can generate compliance reports against a wide range of industry-specific requirements, including SOX, NIST, ITGC, FINRA, PCI-DSS, and many more. Healthcare organizations, for example, can scan user activities for HIPAA violations. Companies that do business in Europe can check risks against GDPR rules. Configuration testing can be run on your schedule and filtered by application or by regulation. Saviynt’s built-in, one-click reporting saves manpower, streamlines audit preparation, and ensures ongoing compliance. 

Saviynt converges all of these security tools into one dashboard, empowering internal auditors and risk managers with a comprehensive, automated, and seamless line of sight.

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Demo 2: Out-of-the-box controls allow for one-click reporting

There’s a reason Saviynt earned the highest score among all vendors in the Gartner Solution Scorecard for IGA platforms. No matter where you are on your GRC journey, AAG can help you automate who gets access and how, keep that access secure, and maintain complete visibility into risks for continuous compliance — and peace of mind.


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