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A Real-World Guide to Modernizing Your IGA Platform

Author: Greg Liewer

Date: 06/21/2023

No Matter the Size of Your Organization, Our IGA Modernization Guide Can Help.

Over the last few years, enterprises have rushed to update infrastructures, secure data, and improve compliance in response to dramatic changes in the way we work. The fallout from remote work, ballooning cloud app estates, and new, varied identities now stretch legacy Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions to the limit. This technical debt is holding enterprises back from adopting new digital business models for customer engagement and operational efficiency. 

So what’s the solution to kickstarting IGA initiatives? It’s transitioning to a cloud-based identity platform.

No matter the size of your organization, this is no small undertaking. Clearly, the benefits of the cloud (scalability, flexibility, rapid deployment, easier maintenance, and upgrades, as well as strong support for cloud applications and infrastructure) are attractive, but companies struggling with legacy solutions may be overwhelmed with the prospect of migration. We’re here to help.

Expert Advice for IGA Modernization

The following are excerpts from our latest eBook, Making the Move to Modern IGA, which features expert guidance on preparing for, executing, and measuring an IGA modernization campaign’s success. Topics covered in the ebook include:

  • Building Consensus
  • Developing a Roadmap for Modern IGA
  • Evaluating IGA Platforms
  • Proving Success and Ensuring Ongoing Value

Importantly, we also feature real-world examples from practitioners on the other side of successful transitions – leaders just like you. 

Read on for an abridged overview, or click here to explore the full guide. It’s packed with advice and anecdotes from leaders at VMware, Simeo, Phillips 66, Campbell’s Soup Co., Cerner, and Saviynt.

How to Build Executive Buy-In for IGA Modernization

Modernizing legacy IGA requires buy-in from a variety of stakeholders. Be clear about the benefits – not just how the approach will be different, but easier. Reach out to those in areas where modern IGA intersects – areas like cloud infrastructure and security, data privacy, and enterprise SaaS management. 

Measure What Matters

Target improvements that matter to senior leaders early on. At a minimum, identify an executive champion who is a single point of contact for issue resolution and decision-making.

Data Plays a Role in IGA Modernization Planning

Businesses operate at the speed of the cloud which requires flexibility and scalability across IGA processes. Every roadmap is different, so let business needs dictate your starting place. This demands a data-informed evaluation.

Platform Evaluation Criteria

Modern IGA solutions deliver agility in a variety of ways. Cloud-native solutions in particular support business changes – from managing cloud identities to securing SaaS applications. Companies must consider total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) factors.

Quantitative ROI and Platform Success Factors

According to Forrester, benefits of cloud-based IGA platforms include many quantifiable and unquantifiable factors, including:

  • A 90% time reduction in employee and contractor onboarding
  • Coding talent cost avoidance
  • Flexibility to support the work-from-anywhere IT model
Leverage Systems Integrators and Partners

Partnering with a systems integrator (SI) offers meaningful returns in terms of reduced drain on internal resources, stakeholder morale, and overall deployment speed/time-to-value. Lean on leading SIs’ orchestrator tools to help automate platform configurations.

Post-Migration Assessment Questions

Plan toward a few key metrics that typify real improvement so that your migration, implementation, and deployment efforts lead to your target outcomes. Ask questions that help quantify your progress like:

How quickly were you able to onboard?

How many new services or capabilities were you able to introduce?

Did audit findings decline and compliance posture improve? By how much?

The digital norm is a reckoning for laggard enterprises. Embracing strong IGA processes and technologies – and grappling with compliance, security, and trust are must-dos to stay competitive.

Our world transformed into the work-from-anywhere age overnight, and it’s time for IGA platforms to follow.



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