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Informatica Reimagines Its Future Through Saviynt Technology

Informatica chooses Saviynt to spearhead its forward-thinking approach to the future, citing its ‘Best of Breed’ cloud solution technology

Why Informatica doubled-down on Saviynt

When Informatica shifted its business model it created a dual challenge: service the customer under a revolutionary cloud-based platform while pushing IT to its full capabilities to protect the new business model. Kamakshi Lall, Informatica’s Information Security Compliance Manager, lends her insight into how the company determined their needs going forward, for both the business and IT, and completed their transformation through Saviynt.

Informatica's Challenge

Informatica delivers award-winning data technology and industry leading data management solutions.  As the world leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management, Informatica’s solutions and products are utilized around the world by game-changing corporations seeking a holistic approach to security.

With notable customers like JLL, Nissan and Kelly Services, Informatica provides strategies that help data-driven digital transformations, enabling the next generation of intelligent enterprise to operate under an umbrella of security and privacy.

Informatica underwent a huge shift in strategy when it moved from a public company to a private firm. The changeover came at the same time Informatica moved from a perpetual licensing model to a cloud subscription model.  But how they provided service to their customers was just the beginning of their challenge:  Informatica had to launch its internal IT business into the future very quickly to securely meet their new business goals.  Decentralized requests and incident tickets, a disjointed approval chain, lack of audit trail, and time lost on request fulfillment were stifling Informatica’s fast pace of change.

The Solution

Informatica turned to Saviynt for a state-of-the-art solution to their combined business and technical needs. Results:

Centralization in Snow as the single point of entry for all requests and incidences
Easy plug-in request framework for new applications to be onboarded in the future
Fully automated approval chain
Established single source of truth for audit trail
Introduced Saviynt as the go-to provisioning engine
"It’s been an excellent journey so far.”

Kamakshi Lall

Information Security Compliance Manager, Informatica

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