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Global Digital Entertainment Giant Secures Unprecedented On-Prem Environment

When a Leading Solution Fell Short, Saviynt IGA Prevailed With Simplified App Onboarding and Full Audit Compliance

A multinational American digital entertainment corporation with millions of users needed to secure its vast, complex identity infrastructure. To avoid repeating an earlier data breach that exposed user data, an on-prem solution was the company’s top priority. However, its complex global business model, unique app architecture, and sheer size posed a significant challenge.

When a leading Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) provider tried and failed to complete the on-prem deployment, the company found success with Saviynt’s flexible, hybrid approach to IGA. Saviynt IGA integrated access controls for hundreds of apps, tens of thousands of identities, and helped the billion-dollar company sail through high-risk audits and manager certifications.

Spreadsheets Persist, Even After Two Years

The identity strategy of a multinational digital entertainment company was driven by a singular mandate: avoid another breach at all costs. To that end, they worked with a leading IGA provider to deploy an on-prem solution that they hoped would fulfill their audit compliance needs. They also wanted to achieve a more holistic understanding of all access points across their globally-distributed departments. And, as their business evolved, they needed capabilities that would help them onboard applications at a much faster pace.

For two years, they worked with an on-prem solution provider toward a modest goal: onboard 30 applications to their on-prem environment. However, the provider was unable to successfully integrate its solution with the company’s application infrastructure and certifications were a no-go. The company turned to Saviynt, but was unsure if a SaaS-based cloud solution could secure access reviews and meet their unique config requirements on such an unprecedented scale.

Secure, Centralized Access Solved with Saviynt IGA

Despite the breadth and complexity of the campaign, Saviynt worked closely with the company’s team to integrate and deploy Saviynt IGA in their on-prem environment and secure all of their on-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. 

With all identities centralized in a single tool, they achieved access visibility across more than a million accounts and half a million entitlements. They were finally able to successfully connect, onboard, and launch 60+ applications and achieve their CISO’s main security initiative: rapid compliance. With Saviynt, they completed a high-risk audit and attained certification automatically—a feature that company leadership  described as “central to their long-term sustainability.”

Peace of Mind Across On-Prem, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud Environments

With Saviynt’s centralized, authoritative data source, the digital entertainment giant greatly simplified its user lifecycle management. It was able to:


Secure access for tens of thousands of identities


Deploy access governance controls and continuous control monitoring for 60+ apps (and hundreds of total instances) including business-critical applications and databases


Conduct 9 audit campaigns and 645 User Manager Certifications


Run over 100 analytics reports and achieve airtight compliance posture with internal audits leveraging Saviynt’s out-of-the-box controls

Moving forward, the company plans to move to the EIC Platform, and implement birthright events to provision/de-provision group access automatically based on employee joiner/leaver conditions. They also plan to on-board additional PCI/SOX applications to increase the IAM controls coverage, implement and utilize the Saviynt Third-Party Access Governance (TPAG) module for third-party identity, and launch access requests for pilot applications through the Saviynt ARS module.

By partnering with Saviynt, the digital entertainment giant experienced a remarkable transformation of its IAM capabilities—and a much needed streamlining of its highly complex architecture. This milestone not only ensured the company’s long-term viability but also demonstrated Saviynt’s ability to deliver superior results when leading solutions miss the mark.

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