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See how BP accelerated their digital and cloud transformation

Learn how Saviynt’s solution provided multinational oil and gas company BP with the tools to accelerate its cloud transformation and modernize identity governance to meet agility, scalability and compliance challenges.

GFS modernized identity management for over 18,000 users across more than 256 applications in a diverse hybrid computing environment with Saviynt.

Saviynt’s IGA solution provides Wienerberger a singled view into access & SoD, integrates critical apps like SAP, and automates access rights for 17,000 employees.

Rapid onboarding with Saviynt’s modern IGA solution allowed Origin Energy to cut the birthright access provisioning cycle from 10 days to 1 hour.

First Solar centralized a view of 11,000 identities across 70 locations and accelerated its cloud strategy using Saviynt’s unified platform and built-in automation.
Toyota Connected
Toyota Connected gained total visibility into access and risk, adopted an identity-first “trust-but-verify security posture, and met its cloud adoption & security goals.
Informatica protected its new private business model and removed the need to install and run apps in its IT environment when transitioning to the Saviynt SaaS platform.

Western Digital simplified the ongoing technical complexity of mergers & acquisitions, managed access and risk for multiple apps & identities, and adopted an intuitive UI by consolidating identity management processes with Saviynt.

Investors Bank safeguards 200+ applications and 2,200+ digital identities across 150 branches using Saviynt’s modern IGA solution to improve SOX, GLBA regulatory reviews, centralize controls, and enhance visibility with dashboards.

Saviynt enabled Intermountain to consolidate authoritative sources of identity information, use fine-grained access to evaluate SoD risk, and improve their ability to provide proper access levels to over 40,000 employees across six states.

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