PAM Market Insights From A 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Visionary

Yash Prakash

Yash Prakash

Why Agile Cloud PAM Is the Right Security Solution for Businesses of Every Size

The move to the cloud has revolutionized the way we work, empowering businesses to modernize, cut costs, and gain a competitive edge. Alongside this transformation is another seismic shift: blurred security perimeters, high-profile cyber attacks, and expanding data breaches. Without a modern approach to cloud security, this giant leap to the cloud can quickly become two giant steps back.  In our first blog in this series, we announced that Saviynt was the only Visionary in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for PAM. As the highest-rated IGA solution, our born-in-the-cloud platform is uniquely positioned to secure access in today’s fast, flexible environment. If your business has Zero-Trust aspirations, Saviynt can make it possible — no matter how complex your infrastructure, or how small your business. And the time to transition is now.

PAM: Not Just An Enterprise Thing 

Privileged access management (PAM) tools have been helping businesses mitigate access risk for a couple of decades. Despite the maturity of the PAM market, it’s still growing — fast.  The 2022 report found that revenue for PAM vendors has grown 20% since 2020 and that worldwide market spending will reach $2.7 billion by 2025. On average, companies have 100 SaaS apps, and 43% are sitting abandoned or unused, exposed to risks. Gartner noted that market demand reflects this shifting emphasis on the cloud and SaaS delivery of PAM tools. In fact, nearly all of the 11 vendors included in their report offer a SaaS option or have it on their roadmap.  It’s not just the large companies struggling to manage access in dynamic cloud environments. Gartner found that part of the rapid market growth is attributed to increased demand from small and mid-size businesses. Like their enterprise counterparts, they need better risk insights, a simplified view into all identities, and the ability to flex in an ever-changing digital environment. They just need it on a smaller scale.

Designed To Do What Legacy Solutions Can’t

While cloud resources are continually scaling up and down, legacy PAM solutions can only scan environments at regular intervals — that means key resources are left unguarded. Legacy PAM strategies rely on static permissions, leaving users with standing access to resources they no longer need, and credentials that are sitting idle for long periods, vulnerable to attack.  PAM solutions aren’t strictly legacy or cloud. Some solutions are designed only for cloud resources but aren’t useful for on-prem environments. Other legacy models work just fine for on-premises resources, but their inability to secure access to the cloud ends up compounding security problems. As multi-cloud adoption expands, siloed solutions and processes reveal their limits. The best tools in the business are cloud-based — but built to defend on-premises, hybrid, and cloud architectures. Enter Saviynt CPAM.

Saviynt Cloud PAM: The Right Tool for Zero Trust

Today’s cloud platforms and SaaS solutions expose the weaknesses of firewalls and VPNs —  more than half of companies now struggle with excessive admin privileges. The tide has turned toward identity-centric Zero Trust as the way to eradicate standing privilege. Saviynt CPAM can move you one step closer to achieving this gold standard. 

Saviynt CPAM placed in the top 3 vendors for cloud infrastructure and entitlements management (CIEM) — a function that detects excessive permissions in the cloud. With automated just-in-time (JIT) and least privileged access, Saviynt can automate access and manage the entire lifecycle of identities, assets, and workloads down to the most granular entitlements with no bolt-on software required. 

Our onboarding wizard streamlines privileged account discovery and reduces onboarding time by 90%. Superior out-of-the-box capabilities and intuitive workflows drive faster implementation and optimal user experience, ensuring you see value from day one.

Visionary Leadership 

In a mature market crowded with legacy providers, we view our placement as the only Visionary in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant as an affirmation of our approach to conquer cloud and multi-cloud security challenges and move businesses of all sizes closer to their Zero Trust goals. 

Gone are the days of managing numerous, complicated security problems with numerous complicated tools. With Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud, you get both a top-ranked IGA and PAM in one cloud-native solution. View, monitor and manage risk across clouds, SaaS, DevOps, infrastructure, and applications in real time through a single identity control plane. 

As a Magic Quadrant Visionary, we believe we’re on a first-name basis with the future. We see an opportunity for you to simplify, modernize, cut costs, and boost the security of your enterprise’s IT ecosystem — and we’re ready to take you there.

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