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New EIC v2022 Enhancements Boost Speed & Efficiency in Application Onboarding

Author: Greg Liewer

Date: 10/13/2022

Our EIC platform streamlines app onboarding and management, freeing administrators to focus more on mitigating identity risks.

For security and identity administrators, onboarding and provisioning new applications is often a tedious and time consuming process that takes away from more impactful activities. This process becomes more tedious when working with manual processes that take an extensive amount of time, and legacy identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions which often require the need for complex coding for customization. Recently, Saviynt has expanded the capabilities of our Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) platform to streamline the onboarding and management of applications. These enhancements help free up technical resources from basic and monotonous administrative tasks to let administrators focus more on mitigating identity risks.

We see this as another step forward in reducing the onboarding challenges faced by administrators. And let’s face it: those challenges are many. Legacy applications that don’t have connectors lack last-mile provisioning and may not be able to be onboarded at all. Administrator fatigue opens the door to errors that could dramatically increase an organization’s threat landscape. Even with the rise of SaaS governance, significant numbers of applications remain ungoverned and shadow IT concerns persist.

Increasing Efficiency in Application Onboarding 

Saviynt has continued to identify areas where administrators could see efficiency gains by re-energizing routine parts of their jobs. We have recently written about the benefits of customization versus configuration, and the benefits of modern user interfaces that utilize drag- and-drop capabilities, eliminating the need for extensive coding. The reduced need for custom coding means decreased need for third-party developers, less complexity, and reduced costs.

Our enhancements include:

Multiple Application Onboarding Modes That Speed Provisioning

Saviynt EIC provides three different ways to onboard new applications. All three utilize an easy-to-use wizard-like user interface to accelerate application onboarding. These three methods are:

  • Rapid 
  • Assisted
  • Advanced

Rapid Onboarding lets organizations fill in some basic information while Saviynt EIC does the rest. Upon entering this basic information, Saviynt completes the application enrollment by configuring your selected features with recommended settings based on industry best practices. This type of onboarding is ideal for organizations with small teams, severely overworked staff or those looking at a more standard setup without a lot of configuration needs.

Assisted Onboarding lets you configure selected features either during or after enrollment. This guided, step-by-step process shows you only the configuration options for the features you have selected, letting you disregard unselected feature settings to speed provisioning.

Advanced Onboarding is for those who want to take a more traditional and hands-on approach. Advanced onboarding shows administrators every setting that could possibly be configured for an application. This doesn’t mean you have to go back to extensive coding though. The advanced mode uses the same low/no code wizard and user interface as the Rapid and Assisted Onboarding modes.


Instant Connection Through Saviynt Exchange

Saviynt has integrated Saviynt Exchange with EIC to further simplify the application onboarding process. Exchange simplifies identity and access management by providing a rich catalog of pre-built integrations and templates to reduce the burdens placed on administrators and accelerate time to value, reduce customization needs, and eliminate high costs associated with traditional IAM deployments.

Saviynt has tested, certified, and released dozens of deep integrations built in-house and has worked with third-party developers to verify new integrations on the exchange, ensuring seamless interoperability with Saviynt EIC. You can instantly connect a variety of technologies to accelerate implementation timelines and stand up IAM environments.

Visit the exchange to review existing integrations and select which applications you want to add to your instance. 


Onboard Once. Enable Anytime.

Regardless of the type of application, Saviynt EIC doesn’t require you to re-onboard an application if you want to add features at a later date. Simply choose which feature you would like to add and then configure the settings to meet the organization’s needs.

Learn more about Saviynt Application Onboarding and the Enterprise Identity Cloud platform by visiting us online.

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