Intelligent Identity Innovations Coming in 2021

MJ Kaufmann

MJ Kaufmann

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2021 Saviynt Product Announcements in the Spotlight

2021 is just around the corner. And with it comes some exciting new enhancements to Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud, which were recently announced at our annual conference – CONVERGE 20.

During the live event, attendees enjoyed sessions featuring identity leaders and celebrated innovative customers and partners with our annual awards. The Innovation Spotlight focused on the forthcoming releases scheduled for 2021.

If you missed the event, catch up on all the improvements coming to Saviynt in the new year.

Innovation Spotlight

Saviynt’s leadership team unveiled several exciting features during the product keynote. These changes expanded upon the Enterprise Identity Cloud, including:

  • Identity Exploration will help users explore trends and determine patterns in identity data.
  • Identity BOT will act as a built-in RPA engine to automate provisioning tasks.
  • Identity Flows offer an intuitive orchestration engine. These will streamline configuring capabilities for actions and functions.

Additionally, Saviynt will fully integrate with Azure AD PIM Model and vault governance under Cloud Privileged Access Management with HashiCorp Vault Integration. 

These are just a few of the upcoming features. In the videos below, Chief Operating Officer Yash Prakash and Chief Cloud Officer Vibhuti Sinha give the audience a peek into the future of Identity and Security at Saviynt.

Customer-Focused Functionality

An all-new user experience

Saviynt revamped the user experience across the Enterprise Identity Cloud. Key aspects of this were the integration of: 

  • A new native ServiceNow application 
  • Smart Assist browser plugin 
  • A mobile application 

These intuitive features streamline and centralize operations. Approvers can now evaluate and authorize access regardless of their location. 

Advanced analytics

Built with security at its core, Saviynt Advanced Analytics simplifies identity intelligence and data insights. With these insights, identity analysts and administrators can identify and mitigate risks more rapidly and accurately. The new persona-driven Control Center provides a central hub for reports and dashboards. Organizations can identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and use the Control Center to integrate the relevant KPIs into daily workflows. This panel will be integrated across all aspects of Saviynt Exchange next year. 

AI-assisted decision making

The Assisted AI feature launching in 2021 brings together a continuum of human and machine intelligence interactions. As approvals and denials occur, the system gathers data from each access request made. It curates this data and learns from it. Eventually, the AI understands with precision the appropriate responses to the most common access request scenarios. This feature alleviates the burden of the more repetitive requests. Enabling approvers to focus on unusual or high-risk requests eliminates rubber stamping offloading the tedious tasks to the AI. The Assisted AI feature helps customers keep pace with the quickly evolving IT landscape.

Strategic Cloud Security

BYOA integration model 

In 2020, the accelerated integration of SaaS applications left many companies struggling to secure and integrate them. Organizational governance faced challenges from rapid Cloud migration and the shift to remote work. In response, Saviynt developed an industry-first model for integrating SaaS applications. We call it a “Bring Your Own Application” (BYOA) model. 

The BYOA model allows organizations to quickly onboard, secure, and govern applications using Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud. Forget complex integrations. Applications not designed with IGA in mind make integration difficult. Saviynt BYOA simplifies the process and delivers the same information as a cloud-native application. This includes session monitoring and tying privileged account activity to application logs. 

CloudKnox integration & partnership

Another exciting enhancement is the addition of even more fine-grained entitlement management through our partnership with CloudKnox. Customers can now leverage seamlessly integrated entitlement management and analysis throughout their Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environment. Organizations gain improved control of the hundreds or thousands of entitlements encompassed in their IaaS platforms. This new partnership allows our customers to deploy precision policies across IaaS platforms swiftly. As businesses identify entitlement creep, they can clip privileges down to manageable levels. This further reduces risk by ensuring least privilege and maintaining compliance

Learn from Leading Identity Professionals

CONVERGE 20 welcomed over 1,000 leading identity professionals in our first-ever live stream conference. This year, Saviynt customers’ stepped into the spotlight. They shared struggles with legacy IGA and recounted organizational journeys towards modern cloud-based identity governance and management solutions. 

If you missed any of the exciting announcements, want to relive the magic of our biggest community event, or simply want to catch up on a breakout session you missed, you can now watch the entire event on-demand.

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