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Saviynt for SAP HANA receives validation from SAP Startup Focus Program
Saviynt solution for SAP HANA simplifies privilege design and management by enabling users to define simple business and technical rules
Saviynt named one of the most Promising Oracle solution providers
Extend Oracle Identity Manager to secure Cloud, Big Data and Critical Applications. Our plug-n-play modules can be easily deployed on existing OIM solution and can reduce the implementation effort by up to 70%
Saviynt recognized as one of the most promising SAP solution providers
Saviynt for SAP has innovative features such as out of box SOD rules and security controls, fire fighter access, license management, and usage intelligence

Large utility company secures Office 365 and OneDrive deployments using Saviynt solution

A large utility company with 8000 employees embarked on a journey to deploy Microsoft Office 365 solution comprising of Email, Office and SharePoint across 10 operating countries.

As security of the data was a critical concern, they partnered with Saviynt to implement a comprehensive security solution including Preventative and Detective controls for OneDrive and Office 365 solution.

Enterprises can now extend their investment in Splunk to protect critical data in the Cloud and on-premise applications

Saviynt provides Splunk applications to protect critical data in Office 365, Box, SAP, Epic, HANA and Hadoop.  Just deploy the Saviynt application on your existing Splunk infrastructure (on premise or on the cloud), follow a few easy steps to integrate with your application and let Saviynt do its magic.

Large financial organization onboards 150 applications for access request management in 6 months with Saviynt solution

A large financial company with diverse workforce and hundreds of applications resulted in cumbersome and in-efficient access management process that governed critical data.  The client wanted to implement a scalable solution that reduced integration effort and address the problem from business perspective.

Saviynt deployed the easiest to use Access Request Capabilities – easy to request, easy to review and easy to provision! Capabilities included multiple Workflows, different request-able attributes / permissions to request access, manual provisioning workbench for the IT team, provisioning into Active Directory and Mainframe, Zero day Provisioning and Reports / Dashboards.

Is your SAP HANA Secure?

Security model in SAP HANA is very different from that of traditional SAP. Given that enterprise (read non-SAP) applications and end users will have direct access to critical data in SAP HANA, it is critical to design and administer its security model adequately. However, those familiar with SAP security model will face an uphill task in correctly designing SAP HANA’s unique privilege model.

Saviynt’s ACCESS PROTECT TM for SAP HANA simplifies privilege design and management by enabling users to define simple business and technical rules. The system then automatically converts those rules in to different types of privileges (including dynamic APs, System, SQL, etc.) and SAP HANA roles to secure the views, tables, schemas, etc.

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