Rick Cajudo, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Darren Martin, Identity and Governance Solutions Engineer, Saviynt

Brandon Nolan, Digital Identity Lead – North America, Avanade




COVID-19 cemented the value of the remote workforce as more than just an employee perk. The sudden forced expansion and jump in scale of the remote work model brought increased security challenges. Hear Rick Cajudo, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, Darren Martin, Identity and Governance Solutions Engineer at Saviynt, and Brandon Nolan, Digital Identity Lead for North America at Avanade to explore how you can reimagine security for your entire workforce at a time when identity is the only security perimeter left. 

Learn from Microsoft how Azure AD provides critical functionality for Zero Trust strategy

Azure Active Directory provides critical functionality for your Zero Trust strategy. It enables strong authentication, a point of integration for device security, and the core of your user-centric policies to guarantee least-privileged access. Azure AD’s Conditional Access capabilities are the policy decision point for access to resources based on user identity, environment, device health, and risk—verified explicitly at the point of access. Learn how Azure AD can help secure your remote workforce for cloud and on-premises applications.

Learn from Saviynt how to securely and rapidly deploy IGA to address Remote Workforce Security Gaps

As companies rapidly expanded their remote workforce, security was often overlooked in order to expand functionality for a new set of users. For example, Microsoft Teams was rolled out to increase collaboration. However, there was nothing put in place to prevent the sharing of documents that contain confidential data into a channel where external guests were present. Saviynt can help provide visibility into this type of risky access. 

Learn from Avanade why moving from Reactive to Proactive builds resilience

The incident and challenge of Covid-19 resulted in organizations worldwide reacting to get business back online. Tough decisions were made with a battlefield mentality (meaning we had to make choices knowing we would have to deal with some fallout later). We had to choose instant productivity and not necessarily security. Fast forward to where we are today, that fallout is still there. We now need a plan, but now the workplace looks different. What was left behind in the wake? How does a company securely and Rapidly deploy to address the gaps?


rickCajudo headshot
Rick Cajudo,
Darren Martin
Darren Martin,
Brandon Nolan, Avanade

Rick Cajudo

Principal Program Manager

Information Technology Specialist with 20+ years of experience architecting, designing, and implementing Endpoint Computing and Security solutions.

Darren Martin

Identity and Governance Solutions Engineer

Identity and Governance Solutions Engineer at Saviynt with more than two decades of experience helping Technology Partners and Solutions Integrators derive business value from technical capabilities. 

Brandon Nolan

Cybersecurity & Identity Leader

As Avanade’s  Digital Identity Lead for North America, Brandon primarily focuses on assisting clients recovering from cyber incidents, while working closely with many Fortune 500 CISO’s providing Identity focused solutions effective in reducing risk, raising awareness, and protecting business-critical assets.


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