Just-in-time PAM: A Modern Essential

Privileged Access Management, modernized for multi-cloud performance

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About This Webinar

Managing access to your IT environment is critical. But if you’re provisioning by hand, your Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution is costing valuable time and resources—and your data could be at risk.

Just-in-time (JIT) PAM equips your organization for agility and scale, to secure today’s cloud workloads where the legacy model can’t. All while ensuring continuous compliance and eliminating manual inefficiencies.

Watch this webinar to pack your playbook with industry-leading strategies:

  • Effective early-stage research
  • Engaging teams and stakeholders
  • Leveraging quick wins to inspire consensus
  • Pros & cons of different approaches
  • Activating JIT PAM with Saviynt

Because JIT isn’t an overnight update. It’s a journey, requiring thoughtful planning, collaboration, and follow-through.

And when 75% of cyber-insurance providers are expected to mandate JIT PAM by 2025…

There’s no better time to get your roadmap off the ground.

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Chris Owen

Chris Owen

Director of Product Management

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