Identity and Security Trends & Predictions:
2023 and Beyond

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From shifting regulation and workforce dynamics to intensifying board scrutiny, extortion-based threats and sprawling IoT landscapes, security leaders daily contend with new challenges.

At times, long-term planning feels like a lost cause. However, by considering industry trends and their implications, practitioners can weigh their own responsiveness, resilience, and agility – critical characteristics no matter what eventually comes. 

With research, expert insights, and data-driven analysis, we’ve collected the top trends and predictions for identity and security in 2023. In each one of our three-part webinar series, we will discuss one of the top trends of 2023. You will hear directly from industry experts on the topic,  gather the latest best practices and define a stronger identity strategy with Saviynt.

Details on each webinar in the three-part series can be found below.

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Webinar Details:

Part 1 - The New CISO Leadership Mandate

Speakers: Jeff Margolies, Gopal Padinjaruveetil

It’s now common for CISOs to be board members or regularly engage in C-level business discussions. To be effective, CISOs must learn to speak “dollars and cents” or the language of strategy and opportunity, transformation, and business risk. Rather than framing issues in terms of cybersecurity, they need to frame discussions in terms of business implications. After all, every cyber risk is a business risk (or opportunity). Join Jeff Margolies, Chief Strategy Officer at Saviynt, as he discusses the new CISO mandate with Gopal Padinjaruveetil, CISO of the Auto Club Group, and Jim Routh, Former CSO & CISO MassMutual, American Express, DTCC  & Aetna.



Board Advisor


Gopal Padinjaruveetil


Part 2 - Rapid Uptake of Cyber Insurance

Speakers: Kyle Benson, Daniel Opoku-Frempong

With an increase in the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, damage to organizations can be enormous. Cyber insurance is gaining momentum as a means of protecting against some of this damage. However, interested enterprises are noticing challenges with respect to insurance, including costliness, limited availability, and more stringent security expectations from insurers to policyholders. How is this affecting the ways companies approach identity and security? Can a strong IAM program offset the increasing cost of cyber insurance premiums? Join Kyle Benson, Director of Product Marketing at Saviynt and Daniel Opoku-Frempong, SVP Customer Success at Saviynt, as they discusses their experience in obtaining cyber insurance at several different organizations.

Kyle Benson


Director of Product Marketing

Daniel Opoku-Frempong

SVP Customer Success

Part 3 - Filling Identity Security Gaps with IDR

Speakers: Paul Mezzera, Charlie Jacco

IDR, or Identity Detection and Response, is a security method designed to confront credential and entitlement vulnerabilities in real time. IDR uses identity-based risk to identify potentially malicious behavior occurring within an enterprise and provides controls to restrict or terminate the identities exhibiting that behavior. Join Paul Mezzera, VP of Strategy and Product at Saviynt, and Charlie Jacco, Principal, KPMG LLP, as they discuss IDR, and how it will provide the necessary identity risk context, access patterns, behavior analysis etc., in identifying a threat with high fidelity. Attend this session to learn what IDR is and how including identity-based risk signals can boost discovery.

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Paul Mezzera

VP of Strategy and Product


Charlie Jacco


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