Healthcare Identity Management: Solving Non-Employee IGA Challenges

Strategies & solutions for end-to-end identity enablement

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About This Webinar

Healthcare relies on a range of third-party services to save lives and secure data. 

And from essential SaaS applications to contract workforces, these third-party identities require access to operate. This is imposing unique challenges for IT & security leaders across the sector.

With traditional IAM’s limited reach and mobility, many organizations are driven to manual, error-prone systems — and left vulnerable to third-party threats.

By making the move to a modern, cloud-driven identity solution, organizations are able to balance continuous compliance with agile access. Delivering security at scale, in the face of rapid identity growth and a volatile threat landscape.

Watch the webinar as we uncover industry-leading strategies from healthcare identity experts.

Key topics & takeaways:

  • Growth of non-employee identities in healthcare
  • Challenges of legacy programs and processes
  • Advantages of converged, cloud-driven solutions
  • Saviynt’s powerful new Healthcare Identity Cloud
  • Audience discussion — *questions encouraged*

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Ivan Childress

Director, Healthcare Identity Cloud

Anurag Rai

Partner, Cybersecurity Leader

Ken Dunbar

Director, Cyber Services

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