Accelerating Healthcare Innovation with Identity

Improving patient care in a secure and compliant way

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About This Webinar

It’s all too common in the healthcare industry: Adopting new technology reveals security risks that can deter the innovation process. But in the current digital climate, any threats from innovation are increasingly outweighed by risks from outdated systems. The good news? Modern identity management and governance solutions can help your organization accelerate innovation without compromising patient privacy, information security, or compliance. 

In this webinar, identity experts from Deloitte, and Saviynt discussed the current state of healthcare identity management, the challenges around access and compliance, and share ways to address them head-on with the cloud identity solutions. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why evolving regulations and an ever-shifting mix of user populations strain healthcare identity processes 
  • How healthcare organizations can improve the quality and accessibility of patient care through cloud migration and adoption
  • How your organization can adopt telehealth and integrate new types of apps and devices in a secure and compliant way

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Ashwini Iyer


Harvinder Nagpal

Product Specialist, Partner and Product Success

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