Third-Party Access Governance

Eliminate Identity Risk FromYour Business Relationships

Supply Chain Risk is A Major Attack Vector

Most enterprises have more suppliers, service providers, and technologies (human and non-human) touching sensitive data than ever before. The risks are high. 44% of organizations have experienced a breach in the past twelve months caused by a third party either directly or indirectly. New types of attacks and increased oversight from regulators make managing third-party relationships critical to your business.

Complete Third Party Identity Management

Today’s workforce has changed. Contractors, seasonal workers, and supply chain vendors now make up a large percentage of the workforce and managing their identities is complex. Saviynt improves onboarding efficiency and lifecycle management that delivers seamless access with zero standing privileges.

Keep the Supply Chain; Lose the Risk

Secure Your Data and Identities From Accidental Leak or Malicious Threats
Assess Risk During Onboarding

Tailor invitation processes, creation policies, and end dates

Ensure Governance with Sponsors

Assign sponsors and initiate access reviews to prevent orphaned accounts

Provide Seamless Third-Party Access

Secure remote access to internal or cloud resources without a VPN

Gain Cross-Functional Controls

Enable controls cross-mapped across regulations, industry standards, platforms, and control types

Protect Your Data

Block external file-sharing and require authorization for third-party data release

Implement Least Privilege

Use just-in-time provisioning to provide no standing privileges access

Stop Taking a Fingers-Crossed Approach
to Third-Party Security

Provision Third-Party Access with Confidence

Know who you’re dealing with. Collect third-party non-employee data collaboratively with internal and external sources throughout the relationship

  • Use a sponsorship model to ensure better communication with third-parties
  • Assess vendor risk prior to onboarding with risk-based creation policies
  • Enhance risk visibility with integrated SIEM and UEBA security monitoring data

Secure Your Third-Party Relationships At Scale

Quickly onboard, provision, monitor, audit, and remove time-bound relationships.

  • Reduce time and operational costs with onboarding delegation
  • Automate low-risk access with intelligent out-of-the-box and custom controls and policies
  • Escalate high-risk requests for additional review with peer and access-based analytics
Ensure Compliance

Ensure Compliance With Least Privilege

Assign only the access that third parties need to meet their contractual requirements.

  • Grant only the necessary access with fine-grained entitlements
  • Accelerate audit prep and provide full documentation with compliance reports and dashboards
  • Comply with regulations like SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, ISO 27002, FISMA, CMMC

Control the Entire Third-Party Lifecycle

You’re in charge from the first introduction to relationship completion.

  • Use a sponsorship approach for consistent vendor onboarding
  • Reduce orphaned accounts with time-bound access
  • Secure infrastructure and sensitive data with advanced monitoring and access denial capabilities

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Customers Share Their Stories

The world’s largest organizations trust Saviynt to protect their privileged accounts from cybercriminals and data breaches.

Saviynt delivered a comprehensive identity access and management solution for Wienerberger’s 17,000 employees, replacing overlapping systems with a single integrated approach.


Origin Energy found Saviynt reduced birthright provisioning from ten days to 24 hours, automated provisioning to their core applications, automated attestation approvals, and reviews, and eliminated manual spreadsheet analysis.

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Ready to see our TPAG solution in action?