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External Identity & Risk Management


Secure Your Extended Enterprise Without Slowing Business Down

Despite the widespread use of third-party contractors, vendors, seasonal workers, and agencies, most organizations don’t understand the scope of the external security risks in their supply chain.

Saviynt is built to protect everywhere people work. External access control makes it easy for employees, contractors, and partners to access the applications, systems, and data they need from day one with the #1 converged identity platform.

Better Collaboration. More Control.

Simplify identity security your complete business eco-system and enable
the internal and external relationships your business needs to thrive.

Set the Stage for Success

Tailor invitation processes, establish risk-based policies, and end dates.


Right-Time, Right-Level External Access

Ensure external users have a seamless experience with the access they need to do the job from day one.


Automate External Identity Lifecycle Management

Develop policy-based lifecycle management workflows to improve productivity and enhance security.


Make Audits and Compliance a Breeze

No more certification by spreadsheet. Get personal data out of email inboxes by launching certification campaigns through Saviynt’s secure cloud platform.


Empower Security Talent To Do More

Relieve your IAM team by empowering internal sponsors to take actions in our intuitive, user-friendly identity platform.


Close Out Projects With Confidence

Reliable access review process with policy-based access revocation.

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Saviynt IGA is the clear customers’ choice

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Built to Protect Everywhere People Work


Know Who You’re Dealing With

Collect third-party non-employee data collaboratively with internal and external sources throughout the relationship

  • Use a sponsorship model to ensure better communication with third-parties
  • Assess vendor risk prior to onboarding with risk-based creation policies
  • Enhance risk visibility with integrated SIEM and UEBA security monitoring data

Secure Third-Party Access At Scale

Quickly onboard, provision, monitor, audit, and remove time-bound relationships

  • Reduce time and operational costs with onboarding delegation
  • Automate low-risk access with intelligent out-of-the-box and custom controls and policies
  • Escalate high-risk requests for additional review and add just-in-time privileged access capabilities with Saviynt PAM

Enforce Least Privilege Access

Assign right-time, right-level access to external workers and suppliers

  • Grant external users the access they need from day one for a delightful user experience
  • Leverage Saviynt’s Intelligent Identity Warehouse to accelerate audit prep and provide full documentation with compliance reports and dashboards
  • Comply with regulations like SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, ISO 27002, and FISMA,

See Everything. Protect Everything.

Control the entire third-party lifecycle from first introduction to relationship completion

  • Use a sponsorship approach for consistent vendor onboarding
  • Reduce orphaned accounts with time-bound access
  • Secure infrastructure and sensitive data with advanced monitoring and access denial capabilities

Customers Share Their Stories

The world’s largest organizations trust Saviynt to protect themselves
from cybercriminals and data breaches.

Modernizing Legacy IGA For Wienerberger

“We had a seamless Saviynt integration of our key applications such as SAP and were able to go live fast after the PoC. It’s the first time we have an integrated view available starting with IAM into SoD and privileged authorizations but also further into process and mitigating controls.”

Andree Niebuhr

Head of IAM and SAP Compliance, Wienerberger AG

Securing Compliant Access for Origin Energy

Origin Energy found Saviynt reduced birthright provisioning from ten days to 24 hours, automated provisioning to their core applications, automated attestation approvals, and reviews, and eliminated manual spreadsheet analysis.


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External Identities & Risk Management: FAQs

What is third-party governance?

Why is third-party access governance important for business?

What are the benefits of third-party access governance?

Third-party access governance can increase security, reduce the chances of data breaches and other cyberattacks, and can deliver significant cost savings. By preventing data breaches, organizations can avoid the vast amounts of money involved in data recovery, legal fees, and reputation damage. 

Third-party access governance also helps companies comply with data privacy regulations, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

Furthermore, third-party access governance sets clear expectations and mutual trust with your third-party partners, helping build stronger relationships.

What are common challenges in third-party access control?

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