TPAG Features

Close the Third-Party Access Gap

Reduce the cost and risk of managing third-party identities. Automate access provisioning, verification, and de-provisioning for human and silicon identities.

Third-Party Access Governance for The Cloud Era

Manage human and non-human third-party identities

Use progressive ID proofing with company data or third-party providers

Control access risk with timely revocation and no residual access

Execute access reviews to prove every control is doing its job

Send self-registration access requests to third-party owners with no IT involvement

Achieve continuous compliance and maintain audit readiness

Reduce third-party risk from over-provisioned access

Identify access gaps quickly for immediate remediation


Accelerate Vendor Onboarding & Reduce Costs

Save time, resources and accelerate the partnership with efficient third-party onboarding

Key capabilities:

Organization Management

Internal sponsors assure every third party is onboarded consistently and reviewed regularly

Self-Service Registration

Speeds access by automating low-risk access approvals

Lifecycle Management

Provide identity oversight throughout a third-party’s lifecycle

Additional capabilities:

  • Pre-set access termination time
  • Thresholds to trigger conditional approvals
  • Individual or large group provisioning & deprovisioning

Provide Third-Party Remote Access

Ensure remote access is secure, controlled, and monitored at all times

Key capabilities:

Secure Remote Access

Third Parties have access without the need for a VPN or agent

Zero Trust

Leave zero standing privileges after third-party access ends

Hybrid Environments

Works across all clouds and on-prem apps

Additional capabilities:

  • Full credential management and session recording with over the shoulder monitoring
  • Simple vendor onboarding allows internal teams to invite organizations to join

Slash Third-Party Access Risk

Use intelligence from risk and context-aware analytics

Key capabilities:

Separation of Duties Management

Reduce violation risks with out-of-the-box SoD rulesets

Access Reviews

Grant appropriate access through periodic reviews

Policy management

Define policies and ensure enforcement

Additional capabilities:

  • Delegated vendor administration
  • Company parent-child relationships
  • One-click certification, revocation, and decommissioning

Get the Controls You Need. Now.

Gain security confidence and reduce risk with better visibility and control over privileged access

Key capabilities:

Out-of-the-Box Controls

Improve visibility and speed-up remediation with hundreds of risk controls

Real-time Dashboards

Provide visibility into third-party identity and access risk

Rapid Remediation

Use prioritized risk alerts to quickly analyze violations

Additional capabilities:

  • Robust reporting for high-risk identities
  • Adherence to regulatory frameworks including SOX, GLBA, NIST, HIPAA, CMMC, and more

Cut On-Prem Infrastructure Spend

Simplify deployment, lower TCO, and achieve rapid ROI with no on-prem infrastructure and a modern user experience

Key capabilities:

No More Infrastructure Hassles

Speed up deployment with cloud-built architecture

Time to Value

Deploy 60% faster than traditional identity governance and access solutions

Business-Ready Interface

Accelerate user adoption with intuitive end-user experience

Additional capabilities:

  • Automated workflows replace tedious manual steps

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