Better care starts with comprehensive access control.

Saviynt healthcare identity
Evolving regulations, record data breach volume, and an ever-shifting mix of user populations strain healthcare identity processes.

With Saviynt, you can expect

Savings in Technology Costs.
Reduction in Breaches.
Reduction in deployment time. Be ready in weeks, not months.

The only cloud identity & access governance platform healthcare providers need


Integrate natively with EHRs

Reinforce data security, uphold least privilege, eliminate Separation of Duties (SoD) risks, and remove excessive access to patient records in Epic and Cerner. Saviynt proudly supports healthcare providers as an Epic App Market participant.


Control complex identity relationships

Establish effective identity strategy for complex and overlapping identity personas, including merging and consolidating identities. Create and tie access back to single identities. Easily enforce least privilege and contextual access across multiple systems.


Enforce risk-based access policies

Apply risk-based, contextual identity workflows to automatically escalate risky access – ensuring governance over labs’, clinicians’, and doctors’ access needs.


Streamline compliance performance

Improve compliance with an out-of-the-box controls library and Unified Controls Framework cross-mapped to regulations, industry standards, platforms, and control types.


See detailed entitlements

Gain granular visibility into complex application security models. Provide auditors and risk and compliance managers comprehensive visibility, and escalate privileges with fine-grain visibility and permissions.


Escape reporting chaos

Prove continuous access governance and compliance with a single source of documentation, including Saviynt’s intelligent certifications process, to minimize risk of fines and penalties.

Secure Your Organization's Cloud-First Future With Intelligent Identity & Security

  • 40,000 Caregivers
  • 2,400 Physicians
  • 10,000+ Identities
  • 3,800 Affiliated Physicians

Intermountain Healthcare

“We wanted to know what devices were in use, by whom, and from where. Our goal? The right access, by role, every time.”

— Michael Allred, Cybersecurity Director, Identity & Access Management

Meeting compliance at Speed: Accelerating IAM Attestations

Learn how Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System reviewed over 47,000 identities and 22,163 entitlements — achieving 100% compliance — during its attestation process. See the Story

Modernizing Identity Governance: From Concept to Implementation

Learn how Cerner established governance processes, improved provisioning workflows, supported HITRUST certification, and introduced Zero Trust principles with a cloud-first approach. See the Story

Things healthcare identity teams often ask about...

Is identity lifecycle management simple to implement?

Saviynt integrates directly with common authoritative platforms to seamlessly import identity and user information. Rules, policies, and workflows ensure consistent access is applied across your environment, even when identities are added, moved, or removed.

How precise will my access visibility be?

No other platform delves into application security hierarchy like Saviynt. Granular visibility helps you apply least privilege access across your entire application ecosystem.

How can Saviynt help mitigate data breaches?

By implementing zero standing privilege, combined with Just-in-Time Access, risk-based analytics, and automation, Saviynt offers a platform to mitigate the risk of breach and privileged account abuse, limit the damage done by malicious insiders, and reduce the chance of accidental account misuse.

Will your compliance controls work with my existing applications/platforms?

Saviynt provides out-of-the-box compliance controls for business-critical applications. Controls align with key compliance mandates (HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, PCI, NERC/CIP, COBIT, and CIS). The Saviynt platform cross-maps to regulatory initiatives, control frameworks, platforms, and control types.

What happens when Saviynt detects access issues or violations?

Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud continuously monitors access privileges and usage for control violations, such as those granted as part of emergency elevation or through a backdoor. When the platform detects potential violations, it sends alerts and suggests remediation actions.

How do I provide emergency access to users and maintain compliance?

Saviynt gives you the ability to grant time-bound emergency access to users while still being able to monitor, record and terminate user access. Access reporting supports regulatory compliance preparation.

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