Browser Based Console Access and Terminal Session


Browser-Based Console Access/Terminal Session

Keep your admins connected while minimizing the risks of lost keys or compromised credentials.

Securing Admin Connectivity For Elastic Cloud Infrastructure

Securely managing a cloud ecosystem comes with many challenges, primarily among them ensuring secure administrative connectivity, which is often done by limiting the scope of access using either a configuration of jump boxes or secured administrative work stations. Unfortunately, this model fails when dealing with the elastic, ephemeral nature of the cloud. Saviynt eliminates these problems by offering secure browser-based terminal services which decrease the risk of misconfiguration and increases flexibility and efficiency.


The Enterprise Benefits of Browser-Based Console Access

Saviynt’s solution removes the administrative burden of managing and distributing SSL keys or credentials by directly managing them behind the scenes. Utilizing our integration with Hashicorp, Saviynt exchanges keys through the browser, removing the need for the end-user to manage keys.  This eliminates risks often associated with keys or credentials that were lost, compromised, or forgotten by preventing the dissemination of them and still directly tying access back to the identity.

The browser-based terminal session simplifies the process of accessing the cloud ecosystem.  Users do not need to download and/or configure terminal clients to handle their credentials, rather they use the web browser, bypassing the need to install terminal services software to a local workstation.

Administrators are empowered to request access to manage workloads directly from the browser-based Saviynt portal before initiating a terminal session.  Approvals are evaluated using intelligent, risk-based analytics and peer analysis with the low-risk items being automatically granted and the rest being relegated to additional review before approval.   Approvers have access to this risk review are able to intelligently evaluate and quickly manage these access requests.

Instead of granting access to everything, identities are granted specific fine-grained access to cloud resources.  This facilitates “least privilege” by allowing identities only the rights they need to complete their work without having to open up an entire system or set of workloads.  Identities are then granted time-bound access, removing the risk of standing permissions.


Video: Seamless Sign On, Preventative Controls and Session Templates

Watch how Saviynt provides frictionless access for administrators to console access. Request and fulfill access all within the same browser session.

Cloud PAM for Workloads and Apps

Understanding the risks of who is accessing what within your digitally transforming environment is critical to your security posture. Managing that risk is even more essential with administrators accessing privileged sessions. Understand how Saviynt secures your privileged access.

Ensuring Robust Cloud Security

Robust cloud security, including privileged access to administrative sessions, is essential to organizations pursuing digital transformation. Saviynt provides browser-based privileged access to help manage the challenges of administrative access in the cloud.


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